Man to Man pt.3: Antonio McDyess vs. Anderson Varejao

In this series, for the Pistons, there will be a definite need for them to dominate down low. The Pistons have always had a good set of big men, and strong rebounding.

In today's segment of Man to Man pt.3,Motown String Music will look at the battle between Antonio McDyess and Anderson Varejao (although I said that I was going to do it on 'Sheed I remembered that 'Sheed is going up against the Great 'Z', so I decided to match McDyess with Varejao instead). Both men posses the height to dominate down low that will be necessary to (for the Cav's) dominate or to (for the Pistons) put up a fight.

There are distinct styles that make up these two players. Now lets look at this matchup!


Lets start off with Anderson-





Since coming to the NBA from Brazil, Varejao has been somewhat of an impact player for the Cav's when they acquired him from a trade with the team that drafted him, the Orlando Magic. I wonder what kind of team the Orlando Magic would be today with the team that they have plus Varejao! Now that would be something to see!

Although I really don't care to much for Varejao, I can't ignore the fact that he is a main contributor to the Cleveland Cavaliers, with an average this year of 8.6 PPG and a solid 7.2 RPG! Here is Anderson's Page off of

This is one guy that the Cav's are going to definitely need if they are to take care of business at home and on the road at Auburn Hills. If the Cav's are on all cylinders against the Cav's they are going to need Anderson to crash the boards BIG TIME. I'm of the opinion that Lebron James can't do it all himself. He can't score 95 points by himself, and if he does let him do it by himself- because I would rather get beat by Lebron James himself than Anderson Varejao, but that's just in my humble opinion. Varejao is a decent player (not great, but is very much a talented athlete), but he can do damage- as seen by his career high's this season:

On November 7, 2008, Varejao scored a then career-high 18 points in a win against the Indiana Pacers. On January 2, 2009, Varejao eclipsed his personal best by scoring a career-high 26 points in a win against the Chicago Bulls.

according to Wikipedia's page on Varejao and his production this season. Varejao has proven this season that he can produce and he needs to produce, not only so that the Cav's win this series, but that they can get to the Finals.

Darkside's take on Varejao:

Varejao can do some damage, but it's going to be a big question if he can contribute in the playoffs. Here are some of his numbers from last postseason: GP: 13, RPG: 5.2, APG: .7, PPG: 4.1! If Varejao is to be a contributer, he needs to maximize not only the points per game, but his assists per game.

Next we look at the heart and soul of the Detroit Pistons: Antonio McDyess



'Dyess has been on the Detroit Pistons Roster since the 2005 season, and has found a home in Detroit. He has constantly been a key motivation for the regulars like 'Sheed, RIP and Tayshaun, but also a mentor as a vet to Stuckey, Afflalo, Bynum, etc. One of my favorite players on the Pistons for the past couple of years, I get energized when I see McDyess energized on the court. He always plays with such heart, but still hasn't gotten that god damn ring yet!!! As the motto for this year's playoffs is: Ice for 'Dyess! The Pistons, if anything should motivate them to do well, should win one for this man- who has played his heart out all of the time.

McDyess numbers have been pretty solid also, at 9.6 PPG, 9.8 RPG, and 1.3 APG. He is a big asset on the court not only on offense, but also defense- with his rebounding and solid guarding his position. But as I also said about Varejao, McDyess is going to have to keep these numbers up in this series.

Here is 'Dyess on and his stats.

He will have to come up big when he is needed to. I don't doubt his heart in this, but it just doesn't take heart to win a championship- Heart needs to be added to finishing plays, and that's what McDyess needs to do in order to play a big part in this series.

Darkside's take on 'Dyess:

Antonio is one of the most passionate players on this roster, and if anything- I think he will play every game as it is his last. We all know he doesn't have much left in him, but we all now that he plays with such heart that it would be a travesty to see a player like 'Dyess leave the game without a ring. If McDyess can play his role, and play solid D on Varejao, then I can see us being totally in this series, but if McDyess lets Varejao's flopping (I'm sorry I just couldn't resist talking about his flopping) get inside his head, and doesn't out-rebound, and out-defend Varejao, then the Pistons are screwed.

In the end, this all comes down to the first match up we saw in Lebron James vs. Tayshaun Prince. If the Pistons can force James to do it by himself, and deny the rest of the team- we are more in this series than one might think! Although Anderson Varejao is taller, and younger than McDyess- I can see Antonio contributing in such a way that he takes this match up.

So in this match up, I'm taking my boy McDyess over Varejao. Sorry Cav's fans who are reading this, but I gotta go with my boy 'Dyess on this one!

Next, Man to Man pt4: Rasheed Wallace vs. Zydrunas 'Big Z' Ilgauskas

Till tomorrow Piston Faithful,



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