Why do we keep saying Joe Dumars is a bad GM

Several things I heard from people:

1. He should of draft Melo/Wade/Bosh instead of Darko Milicic

2. He should of kept Chauncey Billups

3. He should of trade Rasheed a while ago

4. He shouldn't extend Rip's contract


Well, from my point of view

1. Look at these following mock drafts, imagine you're the GM with the No. 2 pick without knowing the future, who would you pick?

2. Chauncey was ready to a PG since he played in MIN with KG. Joe D noticed it, and signed him as a FA. If Chauncey was traded later on the 2002-2003 season for Allen Iverson (say the Sixers magically agrees to the trade and Detroit can string enough players to match the salary), would you be happy or unhappy? Allen back in the time was known as the ANSWER, the soldier on the court, pound for pound the best scorer in the history, etc. Chauncey was doing the same thing he did 6 seasons ago, he just kept doing the same thing until people realized that he's a great PG. If they were traded for each other back in 2002-2003 season, would you feel good about it?  Don't tell me AI lost a step. No he did not, that was your excuse for Detroit not able to fit AI into our system, or the other way around. Yes, we get the short end of the stick, but wouldn't you be upset? We keep losing at the ECF (the higher you're, the harder you fall, which means you hurt more), wouldn't you desperately wanna make a move and get us over the hump?

3. From my memory, I think I remember a blog saying Rasheed will traded to NY at the end of 2006-2007 for Eddy Curry and David Lee, and I remember everyone saying we should trade Sheed' for anyone at the end of the 2007-2008 (when the Celtics beat us and he was burned by KG). I'm probably biased about this, but I think Rasheed is great piece of the puzzle for a championship team, which we still are at the end of 2007-2008 until we fell apart.

4. Rip Hamilton is one of the best if not the best conditioned player in the NBA. His non-stop movement on the court makes people don't want to guard him when he runs of the screen. Right now, I think he's the 7th best scorer in the Piston basketball history. Once he recovers from his injury, he'll shoot at a better %.



But one thing I do hope though, is we trade Tayshaun for someone.

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