Great Pistons Trade Idea IMO (4 team trade)

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Four team deal between Detroit, Atlanta, Sacramento, and Charlotte.  You could throw in draft picks here and there to sweeten it up and balance things out.

Detroit receives Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, and Jason Thompson.

Atlanta receives Samuel Dalembert, Nazr Mohammed, Jerebko and/or Austin Daye.

Charlotte receives Tayshaun Prince and Chris Wilcox.

Sacramento receives Richard Hamilton, Jason Maxiell, and Jamal Crawford

Detroit, of course, is the main benefactor of this deal, receiving two athletic forwards with a multi-faceted game who can also really attack the boards.  We also get Jason Thompson, a young forward/center who has potential and is still on his rookie contract.  To me, this gives us all the help we need down low and we still have Wallace, Monroe, and Jerebko when he gets back.  Our lineup could look like this.

PG-Stuckey/Bynum,  SG-Gordon/McGrady,  SF-Gerald Wallace/Jerebko,  PF-Smith/Villanueva, C-Wallace/Thompson or Monroe

Atlanta will spend $400,000 less this year and next year will have over $20 million in expiring contracts which will free up a lot of space, especially with Horfords extension kicking in.  Even with that, they should still be under the cap with enough room to sign a quality free agent.  Also, this way they can start Horford at PF like they have suggested while starting Dalembert at C and they have a quality young player in Austin Daye who can hopefully pick up some if not all of the scoring deficit left by Crawfords absence.  Other than Daye we could give them Jerebko, who would provide size and hustle up front.  Dalembert is a solid rebunder and shot-blocker and should help the ATL defense stay at the same level with Smiths absence or mitigate a dropoff.   Seeing that one of ATLs biggest problems is size, this could help them a lot, especially after Howard dominated them last year and swept them from the playoffs.  Horford just can't guard Howard.  ATLs lineup should be this.

PG-Bibby/Teague,  SG-Johnson/Jordan Crawford. SF-Williams/Daye, PF-Horford/Mohammed, C-Dalembert/Pachulia 

Charlotte seems to be looking to save money, so they give up Wallace and Mohammed, and receive Prince and Wilcox.  They save about $3 million this year and they have $14 million in expiring contracts.  Prince is a decent replacement for Wallace and Wilcox for Mohammed is perhaps an improvement.  Wilcox did put up a very solid 14 and 8 in  the 06-07 season so there is some promise for CHA there.

PG-Augustin/Livingston, SG-Jackson/Henderson. SF-Prince/D. Brown, PF-Diaw/Najera, C-Brown/Wilcox

Sacramento on the other hand has loads of cap space and I have no clue if they are waiting for the free-agent crop of 2011 or if they are trying to make moves now.  They are a young team however, that needs time to develop but they do have enough talent to stay competitive in a lot of games I think.  Hamilton and Crawford provide the perimeter shooting and veteran leadership this team needs and allows Cousins to start and get more minutes to speed up development and free up the logjam down low.  Also, if Sacramento has some money issues, they could take into account the fact that by the time Evans is due for an extension, Hamilton's will be expired.  Considering that Evans is the only King due for extension after two more seasons, that somewhat lightens up the money issue a bit.  They will still have considerable cap room for the next few seasons, if they don't spend it.

PG-Evans-Udrih, SG-Hamilton/Crawford, SF-Greene/Casspi, PF-Landry/Maxiell, C-Cousins/Whiteside

So what do you guys think.  Pistons get drastically better, maybe enough so to compete for the East crown.  Atlanta and Charlotte save money and remain competitive while Atlanta solves some of its size issues.  Sacramento gets the guard play they need and solid veteran leadership while freeing up the logjam down low.

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