I'm sure I'm pre-maturely posting this scenario but with the CONTROVERSY stirring up in Sacramento, it got me thinking...what if the CONTROVERSY continues?  What if Jason Thompson maintains his role as a starter and becomes the big that Sacramento hoped he'd be?  Let's pretend for the sake of this trade that both of these end up happening...what would it take to alleviate Sacramento of all that CONTROVERSY?  Well here's a trade scenario that I think benefits both teams considerably:

Pistons get:

DeMarcus "CONTROVERSY" Cousins
Francisco Garcia

Why th Pistons do this - It opens the door for Daye to start in his true position at SF and nets us a player whose controversy can only be contained by coaches with last names starting with Q...or K....While Garcia doesn't represent any major upside to our backcourt, he's got 3 years left on a reasonable contract which does offer long-term insurance should McGrady continue to improve and bolt to greener pastures next year at which point Garcia can provide reasonable backup minutes at the 3.

Kings get:

Tayshaun Prince
DaJuan Summers
2011 Unprotected 1st Round Pick

Why the Kings do this - The Maloofs thought they could control a collegiate athlete as controversial as Cousins but their bad karma that carried over from the collection of condemned condos that was shown on their jumbotron at Arco a few years back has finally taken its toll.  Realizing they won't be able to control Cousins, they swap him for veteran leadership and a brigher tomorrow in the form of a #1 draft pick in 2011.  Summers offers them a flyer on a guy who could fit into their system and Tayshuan can facilitate taking some of the emphasis off of Evans.  Prince also allows Sacramento to move Casspi to the backup 3 position for the remainder of the year while giving them extreme flexibility in the off-season to acquire a big like Gasol.  On top of that, Sacramento is left with 2 potential lottery picks in the 2011 draft giving them a great opportunity to tweak their lineup in the next year.

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