Players who might be available (who we might want)

Going 101% off pure speculation, let's break down which possibly available players we would want if we were Jods for a day.


I'll start with my random assorted lists/thoughts.

Established guys I want (who might be available or become available):


  • Iguodala. The general perception seems to be that he is wildly overpaid. I disagree and think he is an excellent all around player and would slot in nicely alongside the Pistons younger core.
  • Troy Murphy. Underrated player on an expiring contract, and on a team that doesn't really need him. Appetizing combo.
  • Camby. He's old. And signed through next season. And the Blazers are struggling a bit. And miraculously Camby is still really effective. He's a great stop-gap center who the Pistons can platoon with Big Ben for the next two seasons and allow Monroe to develop offensively without him needing to worrying too much about also anchoring the defense.
  • Zach Randolph. I'm not a huge fan of actually watching him play, but yeah, he's good and on an expiring contract and a little crazy, which could keep the asking price down. 
  • Dalembert. Mix of same reasons-- expiring contract, decent center, team that doesn't really need him.


Couple guys who I think are worth taking a flier on (and are probably available):


  • Joey Dorsey. He's not getting minutes in Toronto, but seems like he could be an effective defender/rebounder if given a chance. Pretty sure Toronto would part with him for a ham slamwhich.
  • Terrence Williams. Roomer'd to already be on the way out the door, so asking price is probably low. He doesn't really fit in the Pistons current rotation, but I've liked him since college, and (IME) long-term he could be an Iguodala-lite type, who can rebound, pass and play defense. **UPDATE- NJ traded him to Houston** 
  • Hamed Haddadi. Just because.

Guys I want who aren't available (but maybe????? Nah, probably not, but what the hell):

  • Kevin Love. I spent five minutes trying to google a roomer that I half-remember about Memphis offering Jod the #5 pick in '08 (which turned into Love) for Stuckey. And Jod turning it down. I can't find a link and maybe I dreamed it, but if it actually happened, I use my power as Jod for a day to go back in time and say yes.
  • Gortat. Maybe more realistic. His stats have stayed consistently excellent to the point where it's fairly likely that he is in fact an excellent player. Not sure what it would take to get him from the Magic, as they're deep at basically every position.
  • DeMarcus Controversial Cousins. He just doesn't look right in a Kings jersey.

Guy I don't want:

  • Carmelo. IMHE, the team that sells/mortgages the farm for the right to trade for Melo and pay him 20 million dollars a year is _______ themselves __ the ___.

Couple questions for fellow Jods for a day:

  • What possibly available players do you think the Pistons should go after? 
  • If other teams refuse to take Rip back in a deal, should the Pistons consider trading Gordon instead? What would you want to get back if you were to include Gordon in a deal?

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