Pistons 93, Bucks 81: Sorry About Those Playoffs, Milwaukee

What Happened

Detroit opened up with a 20-9 first quarter and exerted themselves in the 4th to seal a 12-point victory over the playoff-hopeful Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee came into the game winning 7 straight at home, zero losses on their own court in 2010. A win tonight could have put them in the 8th seed over Miami, but their loss to the Pistons and Miami's win over Houston has put them a solid game behind in the rankings.

While Detroit's win didn't cheer up any playoff hopes, nor did it get us closer to a top lottery pick this June, it did precisely what a good win should-- it entertained us fans who haven't been able to find a lot of entertainment from our team lately. Detroit was hot from the start, with a first quarter dominated by Jonas Jerebko's rebounding and staunch defense-- holding Milwaukee to just 16.6% shooting from the field.

While Milwaukee made the game competitive in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, even leading the score for a possession or two, Detroit's strong 4th quarter led by Jason Maxiell and Ben Gordon pushed the game to a 12-point margin.

The Good

Jonas Jerebko earned himself a career high in rebounds with 13, 5 on the offensive glass. He would have pulled down even more, if it weren't for a bit of foul trouble and then a hard knock to the chin by Luc Ricard Bababooie and Stuckey in the 4th.

Jason Maxiell put up a double-double, 16 points, 10 rebounds and 2 steals on 64% shooting. He was a beast-- made a key pass to Ben Gordon for a trey in the 2nd, had excellent post moves in the 4th and dominated the offensive glass with 6 orebs. You know, vintage, pre-MCIAFI Jason Maxiell.

Remember that Ben Gordon who played the first 10 Pistons games this season? He paid us a visit tonight with 18 points on 50% shooting, including 2 of 4 from three. He and Jason led the squad in +/- with +17 and +21 respectively.

The Bad

Hey Charlie:

0-5 shooting, 3 personal fouls and a turnover is no way to earn that pretty contract. Maybe you should put that mask back on, buddy?

The Austin Daye Unsung Hero

Tayshaun Prince. 18 points on 11 attempts and 2 steals is lovely, and a few times this game I actually realized you were on the floor. Somebody call Kevin O' Connor. Short of that, it was good to see you gettin' your groove back. *snaps, sashays*

The Takeaway

Defense. 3-point shooting. Rebounding. Bench scoring. Ya know, in retrospect, that was the best Pistons game this fella has seen in weeks, against a pretty damn hot Milwaukee team of late. We should do this every once in a while.

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