Ohh MFWB, MFWB! Wherefore art thou, MFWB?

I'm not quite sure where MFWB went, but this Will Bynum needs to change his style of play.

The guy has immense talent and physical abilities, but his game is built way too much around flash, not to mention his defense is absolutely atrocious.  +/- may not be a very accurate tool, but when you consistently are in the deep negatives, I think that's the sign of some problems.

I can understand getting beat by Aaron Brooks or being out muscled by Deron Williams, but I cannot stand it when guys just give up and watch their man get a layup.  Or get frustrated and grab their jersey for a cheap foul.  I recall that someone posted an old youtube video of his high school days, and the guys repeatedly said that he was an amazing talent, but focused too much on getting attention for himself.  Not coincidentally, his defense was great in Cleveland, when the game was on national tv. 

Honestly my biggest problem with him is that he tries play the role of LeBron, consistently driving into the lane and then when he gets in trouble, toss it to a teammate in mid-air.  That really only works in a situation like Cleveland, where you are surrounded by great shooters.  It has consistently shown to completely stagnate the offense unless if we play at 100 miles per hour, in which case we get murdered defensively.

Here in Detroit, our point guards have to be much more focused on sharing the ball and let everyone else get a chance to create.  That way you get the defense moving around and someone is bound to get open. 

For as many faults as Rodney may have, just take a look at these numbers, they're staggering.  We're not only better defensively, but also offensively (Rodney here and Bynum here).

Under Bynum, we score 103.2 points per 100 possesions and give up 115.  Whereas under Stuckey, we score 106.7 points and give up only 108.9.  While Stuckey's numbers aren't very good compared to the elite point guards, they're still much better than Will's, and it's not even close.

In addition, the on/off court for Stuckey is +11.3, Bynum is -9.

I get it, Bynum is a much more exciting player to watch.  However that certainly does not make him the more effective player.  Honestly, I'm coming to the conclusion that the biggest reason why people think Will's a better point guard is because he can make fancier passes, not because he does a better job of running the team.  Don't get me wrong, Rodney still needs a lot of maturing, not to mention he needs to work on his shooting mechanics - but, he has a much more humble style of play that has shown to be best for the team.

I would also like to add that this 4 guard rotation seems to have failed in many different ways, especially because it is very difficult for Kuester to distribute the minutes.  It seems that whenever one guard gets hot, he pulls him out to play someone off the bench to keep everyone happy.  It certainly doesn't make it easier that two of them make 10x as much as he does and one guy is forcing the issue to land his first big contract.  Quite simply, I don't like it.  At most, we should have 3 major guards.  That way the minutes distribute quite nicely at around 30 a piece and we can go to a 3 guard lineup without screwing with someone's minutes.  Not to mention the 3 guard lineup becomes an advantage, not a tool to keep everyone happy.  At this stage of the game, Bynum's the odd man out.  It'll be much harder to get rid of either Gordon or Rip and the numbers clearly support that Stuckey does a better job of running the offense.

A few thoughts to dwell on.  I've been waiting this whole season to MFWB, and IMO, he's never shown up.  Sure Bynum scored at will at the start of the season, but that still wasn't MFWB - he was playing extremely selfishly, hardly ever passing the ball.  The guy has immense talent, but he needs an attitude check; it's not very hard to see that he feels he's the best player on the court at all times.  I'm all for giving him the time to mold his game to become a better team player, but the clock's ticking, and I'm sure he'll have plenty of other suitors waiting come free agency.

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