Could Chris Paul be available?

I'm not basing this off of any rumors or articles, just from seeing Darren Collison play.  To this point, NO has been a team that several DBB'ers have suggested trades with, almost always trying to pry away Okafor.  After Paul's latest injury, Collison has more then proved to be a capable replacement, and in a cash strapped market like NO, I could see them considering a trade for the right pieces.  Lets say we put together a package for Paul, containing this years pick, Tay (expiring contract), CV (for salary purposes) and Jarebko (promising young player) .  In return, we take back Paul, Posey, and Wright. 

I don't like this scenario the best, but it's the only fit I came up with using the trade machine on this years salaries.  It would give them 1 more year paying CV then they would Posey, but would clear cap space for next summer and give them 2 young talents.    I think if we offered this years pick/tay/Stuck for Paul it would be a better fit for them.  I'll admit I'm not very good at this, but I do think that Collison's recent play could have NO thinking about changing up their roster.  They're past the point of contention, and will surely need to revamp their roster and get under the cap.  I would LOVE to have CP3 on our team.  Is there any other trades/scenario's that someone could suggest that would fit better?

Update: Marc Stein addresses the subject of the post (in general, not specifically), and essentially says that there's a better chance of collison being moved before Paul.  Here what he said in the weekend dime at espn.


You can smell the wishful thinking from here.

Darren Collison is putting up huge numbers as Chris Paul's fill-in (see below), which naturally prompts teams around the league to dream that Hornets owner George Shinn -- once he realizes that he's paying just $1.3 million to Collison this season compared with $13.5 million for Paul -- will consent to trading CP3 this offseason.

Don't count on it.

Back on Christmas we ran through some of the reasons why the Hornets, even when they were over the luxury-tax threshold earlier this season, wouldn't even consider the prospect of trading Paul. One source with knowledge of the Hornets' thinking reiterated this week that nothing has changed since then, especially since the Hornets are now under the tax line and suddenly have two promising young assets besides Paul: Collison and fellow rookie Marcus Thornton.

Paul's future will remain a popular topic because of his ability to become a free agent in the summer of 2012 and the Hornets' standing as a .500 team. But given his immense profile in New Orleans and the fact that Paul almost exclusively makes basketball viable in Saints territory, it seems far more likely that the Hornets would try to move Collison to fill another need.

Not that you'll get any such hints from Jeff Bower. The Hornets' coach/general manager insists that Paul and Collison can and will play together -- no matter how much Paul is used to having the ball -- when his All-Star returns from knee surgery to try to nudge New Orleans into the playoffs.

"I see two guys that have the same makeup," Bower said. "They play the game with the same mentality. They measure everything they do based on winning and how the team is doing.

"I'm excited to see them together. I do think they can [function in the same backcourt]. Not the whole game, of course, but I think they can play together and Chris can be a dynamic scorer off the ball. And Marcus Thornton can be a dynamic scorer with them."

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