Voices on Jerebko

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet asked a few basketball profiles to comment on JJ during the all star weekend. You get the translation right here.

Worth knowing: This is translated from English to Swedish and then back to English again, ie. these cannot be considered exact quotes. Original article link:

{Ed. Note: Jonas Jerebko has been one of the lone bright spots of this season, so front-paging this was an easy decision. Nice find!}

Magic Johnson: - I like him! You know, he's athletic. Nobody knew he'd be that athletic. And he's smart and he's the player that works the hardest of all the Pistons. He's only gonna get better and better because he's young. I really like his game. (To the reporter: Promise me you'll tell him I said so)

Patrick Ewing: - He's having a good year, a very skilled defender and he can also shoot threes. He hasn't been consistent in his shooting but he rebounds, blocks and does everything for his team.

Dominique Wilkins: - He's gonna be a great player. He's got a lot of energy and is already a very good rebounder.

Kobe Bryant: - He's got lots of talent, when we played the Pistons he was very active and worked the floor. It's important for him to keep on developing his game.

Dwight Howard: - I like him. He plays hard. Attacks the basket, shoots well and I really like his intensity. But what I like the most is that he never quits. Never. And he does it all. He contributes to offense and defense, he rebounds and blocks. He does whatever the coach tells him.

Chris Bosh: - He's found his role in Detroit. They've had big problems as a team, but he does a fantastic job as a rebounder. And he shoots well, I think he's underestimated as a shooter.

Chris Paul: - A really good player. When we played the Pistons the first time I thought: "who is this guy?". But after seeing him some more I really like him. He brings a lot of energy.

Kevin Love: - I saw him practicing with us during the pre-draft and he's very good. A big player, very tall and does a lot of good things out on the court. He's got the ability to really defend aginst certain players. And he's gonna get better and better, his offense is gonna get better. He really deserves being here. (At the Rookie All Star game)

Jonny Flynn: - He always comes out playing hard and brings a lot of energy. He plays tough. There are lots of players out there who don't like doing that. But he plays tough. Every time.

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