Hypothetical Draft Day Trades...INCONCEIVABLE!

Okay so lets start this are the rules:

1) The trade must be at least somewhere in the realm of none of those ridiculous Wall for Aminu straight up trades that I know MP will come up with

2) Stick with teams that are drafting in the lottery...preferably ahead of us.

3) As much as possible, salaries and all other trade stipulations should apply (hard to do since RealGM/ESPN Trade Checker don't account for pick + personnel trades but do your best).

If possible, I'd like to make this the official Draft Day Trade Scenario thread that we can refer back to on draft day when my epic trade scenario below comes true and y'all can shower me with PRAISE (sorry had to throw in some RANDom CAPITALIZATION for good MEasure)

Trade Scenario #1

1) Al Jeff is not a part of Minnesota's long-term future
2) Minnesota is in need of a legit, defensive minded center to play alongside Kevin Love
3) Darko is not that center.
4) Minnesota would prefer a proven veteran scorer at SG to a rookie potential star (yeah I know...big assumption)
5) Cousins is not seen as the right fit alongside Kevin Love

Minnesota picks Demarcus Cousins with the 2nd overall pick
Detroit takes Cole Aldrich with the 6th overall pick

Detroit trades:

Rights to Aldrich
Rip Hamilton
DaJuan Summers
2011 1st Rounder (preferably top 3 protected)

Minnesota trades:
Rights to Cousins
Al Jefferson

Why Detroit does this:
Unload Rip Hamilton's contract and get ourselves a potential superstar in Cousins + the current security of a legit offensive post presence in Al Jeff.

Why Minny does this:
Minnesota wants the Aldrich type to play alongside Love who they feel is their main interior post presence.  Aldrich can play complementary to Love easily.  Rip Hamilton fills the much needed SG position in Minnesota.  The 2011 First rounder + DaJuan is to make up for the draft difference between Cousins and Aldrich.

Depth Chart
- Felton (MLE signing)/Bynum
- BG/Stuckey
- Jerebko/Daye
- Cousins/Maxiell
- Al Jefferson/Ben Wallace

Now your turn Sauce.

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