If Dtown miss out

If Dtown does not win the lottery , and they go into the draft  at 7 I would not like Ed Davis, he is picked in early mock draft favorites  . While North Carolina has rich talent in the NBA from their program , they also have a lot of bust Ed Cota , Joseph Forte , Marvin Williams . The one Davis reminds me of is Brendan Wright ,an ok talent with a bunch of injuries . Dtown is a team in a position to hit like Golden State did with Curry or miss like the New York Knicks did with Jordan Hill . I think we should draft the best player that can help our team first , and then draft for a need we can hit it in the second round again like we did with Jonas . To understand who we should pick you haft to understand our team . 

Dtown is a team going through the rebuilding process . We are in step 2 of that process , step 1 saw us let go of the core that built this team . It also brought back  familiar faces like ,Chucky Atkins and Ben Wallace ,these guy are to help the young guys through this process . Step two has not con concluded and , I think that we will see some more Vets go before we take that next step . 

Our Guard position is stocked , I don't know how long RIP is going to be around , but something is going to have to be done their , cause Ben Gordon is not going to be effective sharing with him , thats fools gold . Stuckey has to step up and lead this team ,he can be one of the best at that position or , a hasbeen like Steve Francis . These guys are young in their prime and ,  have the potential to form the best group of guards in the league . 

At forward first of all I want to show some love to Mr . Jonas Jerebko , this guy justified the 09 draft for us , while Austin Daye is ok I had Taj Gibson in my mock draft . Jonas was hands down a good pick up he is truly a BadBoy . Tayshaun has more left to give Dtown , he just needs to be in the right situation ,Stuck got to take pressure off of him and the player we draft will hold some of that responsibility also . The same thing kind of holds true for Charlie V , he got off to a fast start but slowed up . I truly think it's the defense thing with him ,he has to recommit himself to the defensive end , it will make him an all star player and will make us a playoff contender . 

Center for us is an intriguing position . I think this is where our pick comes into play . Detroit has not won with a back to the basket center . Big Ben and Rasheed is who we dominated with, were not those traditional guys  . Kwame Brown , I hate even mentioning with my Pistons , and I really don't talk about players that play on the team I love but Kwame got to go , he's done nothing his whole career and has done nothing with the Pistons . Wilcox is an ok role guy in the right situation . That brings us to the pick I think Greg Monroe is the perfect fit . 

He is what Joe Dumars liked about Stuckey ,he plays hard at both ends . Offensively he's gifted , defensively he's solid , not a dominate rebounder but is as good as Rasheed in his prime at rebounding . This is the thing with Monroe he is a gifted passer who can pass with his back to the basket , or score with his back to the basket that makes him gifted ,if not then he would just be a slasher like Beasly . Like I said Dtown ask more of a Center than to just rebound and post up , they have to be active and do some of everything , I think Monroe gives us that .

Off the Bench we have two main energy guys ,Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell . Bynum could start for this team but I think that will cause more confusion at the already confused guard position . Bynum is money off the bench any way , he brings a change of pace with a fast gear ,and he's explosive you can compare him to Nate ,but I think he is a better PG than Nate . Maxiell falls into this role cause of the emergence of Jonas . Still he brings  energy what you ask from any bench player ,and he brings toughness ,plus he's a hustler you always need those guys coming off the bench . 

The glue to all our pieces is Monroe , he is going to make everybody else job easy  . I know their will be some who disagree ,but I think that Turner and Monroe ,are the only players who  makes everybody else job easy . If Turner is gone then I think we should draft Monroe .

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