I want more second rounders

Should Prince be traded, it must be a given that we get some second rounders out of the deal. Regardless to whom we trade Prince to or whom we receive in return. We’ve got something like 3 or 4 second rounders next year, it shouldn’t be very hard to swap a few of those for this year if we can’t get any as throw ins.

This is a good year to have 3-4 picks, 3 high second rounders could potentially nab you any combination of Jarvis Varnado, Artsiom Parakhouski, Kenneth Faried, Craig Brackins or Miroslav Raduljica. If we can get even 2 of those players, I'll be happy with our draft, regardless of first rounder (within reason, of course, there's no way I want us taking Manny Harris etc with the 7th pick).

Joe's picking ability seems to be inversely proportional to the value of the draft pick. So who knows, we could likely be getting a better player out of the second than out of the lottery if Favors and Aldrich are both gone. Thus, that being the case, why not triple our chances?

On a side note, I'd like to point out that the 7th pick may hold more value than you guys realize. In many of the past drafts, that has been a good position as generally someone of high calibre slips without reason and the uber bust players have already been taken (such as Thabeet, Darko, Kwame). Strangely enough, 9-10 has been an excellent slot.

Here are few examples:

2004 - Andre Iguodala (9 - though he's no longer looking like a potential star), Andris Beidrins (11)
2005 - Andrew Bynum (10), Danny Grainger (17)
2006 - Brandon Roy (6 - not quite 7, but close enough), Rudy Gay (8)
2007 - Joakim Noah (9)
2008 - Brook Lopez (10), Jerryd Bayless (11)
2009 - Stephen Curry (7), Brandon Jennings (10)

So although there aren't too many stars in that list, I don't think you would turn down any of those players right now. Note that I didn't include any surprise players, such as David West or Darren Collison, so keep your hopes up; you never know what this draft could hold.

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