Hittin' the Links: It's Shocking, But LeBron's Not Likely to Sign With Detroit; Pistons Hold Group Workouts

That was quite an epic "Drunk and Surly" thread last night, filled with little chestnuts of our undying love for LeBron/Mike Brown, but let's get back to talking about the Pistons today (maybe). Shall we start by discussing the odds of LeBron signing with the Pistons this summer?

Well, they're not good, according to the Free Press:

The gambling lovers at betus.com released odds on the King's next stop Wednesday, and Detroit was the longest shot among the listed destinations at 40-1 (although you could be heartened that the Pistons at least were among the 10 teams mentioned).

Re-signing with the Cavaliers was the favorite at 2-3, with the Bulls (2-1) and Knicks (5-2) also up there.

It's hard to say exactly why the Pistons don't have a better shot, other than their lack of salary-cap room and big-market appeal.

It's pretty surprising to me that the Bulls have better odds than the Knicks, but right, the Pistons... Detroit would have to pull some major magical strings to land LeBron. I will say, though, if LeBron does miraculously wind up with the Pistons, I'm holding Biz Markie Moon to this.

More after the jump.

  • The Pistons had at least three players work out for them yesterday: Tyren Johnson, Osiris Eldridge, and Jeremy Wise. According to Scott Schroeder at SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside (who will be having updates all off-season on this sort of stuff):
  • It's an eclectic group of players who all seem to be on the second round/undrafted bubble after being under the radar all season. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, as it seems all three have their agents working the phones and getting them in front of as many NBA teams as possible.

    Scott Schroeder says, of the three, he is most familiar with Jeremy Wise. He reports that Wise transformed himself from a shooting guard into a "legitimate starting point guard" in the D-League and adds that Wise's defense is not his strong suit.

    USBasketball.com claims the 6'3" guard, Osiris Eldridge, has a promise for a second round draft pick and Detroit is listed as a potential suitor. At Illinois State he was on the Missouri Valley Conference All-Defense Team and First-Team All-MVC.

    Lastly, Tyren Johnson was named to Draft Express' First Team at some obscure invitational, and within the same article was likened to Josh Smith. Even with that, and a Sun Belt Player of the Year award under his belt, he seems like a long-shot to getting drafted (raw, "clearly not a finished product," and at 6'6" with a 6'8" wingspan is super small for a power forward).

    For the more detailed write ups on these three, check out Ridiculous Upside. Props to Gabe F-B for broaching this in the Fan Shots, too.

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