Pistons - CAN'T MISS draft 2010... IF they pick these guys

Premise 1: Basketball is primarily a talent-based game, secondarily  a team based game. If you can't get superstar talent, just strengthen your team.

Premise 2: Defense wins championships, but offense keeps you in the game to begin with.

Premise 3: I estimated and ranked a players value on (highest value to lowest):
1on1 scoring Talent

With all that said, I think we can't really lose on this draft, even if we don't get a superstar, we can strengthen our team.

If we get:  ____ Round 1/  then we should get _____ in Round 2

If we get Cousins, who in my opinion is a sure thing...the next oversized Charles Barkley. The best one-on-one scoring talent in the draft... plus he's a bad boy.  We can risk on Vanardo who could turn into the next Dennis Rodman / Ben Wallace. Blocks, rebounds and energy.

With Monroe in the middle, our point guard situation would be mollified, and our offense would open up. He brings scoring talent and assist ability. Zoubek was the number one offensive rebounder in the entire NCAA, which says a little about why his time won the championship... and he's a 7 footer, and pretty tough/mean as well.

Cole would definitely help the Pistons offensvely and defensively. A very strong role player...not many people can say they had a triple double in the NCAA. Not a 1on1 scoring dynamor, but he can score, rebound and block shots. I would supplement him with Jerome Randle, one of the most underrated prospects of this year. He would bring lots of fluidity to the offense... A passing and scoring PG with proven production who I think will prove to be 2nd only to John Wall as a PG in this draft. Good passing point guards make big men appear better than they are.

Ekpe would bring an amazing defensive focus to the Pistons front line. I would not be disapointed with him, but only if we selected Parakhouski in the 2nd round. I believe Parakhouski is the most complete big man in the 2nd round. He would provide size, and a more complete offensive game to our front line.

I would also pick Whiteside if he fell to the second round...

So, with talent first and team building next... I think any of these selections would make the Pistons a MUCH stronger team next year.

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