Draft Day Dreams: Art Parkhouski, the Ivan Drago of the NCAA

So it was the Bearded Thunder from down under who put us all asunder (YOU JUST GOT BLAHA'D) with his fantastic draft analyses on the likes of Cousins and a few others.  He and I have both mentioned our mancrushes for Art in various spots across DBB but neither of us have been able to dig up a lot on Art due to playing in such a small conference.  So here goes nothin'...

Art Parakhouski - By the Numbers
Required Viewing:

2009/2010 College Stats
21.4 Points per game (58.1% from the field, 56.2% FT shooting)
13.4 Rebounds per game
2.1 Blocks per game
34.7 Minutes per game

Body Measurements
Height: Legit 7 footer (with shoes)
Weight: 268 lbs (6% body fat)
Wing Span: 7'1"
Max Vert: 26.5"

So who is this guy?  Well, he was 5th in the NCAA in PER, 2nd in Efficiency, 4th in Efficiency per 40, 12th in points per game, first in reounds per game, and 1st in offensive rebounds per game while playing for Radford in the Big South Division of the NCAA.  Oh and he was Big South Conference player of the year 2 years in a row.

The Positive
To start, Art has only been playing basketball for 5 years so the amount of progress he's made is impressive.  Between his freshman and sophomore year, his pure stats (points, rebounds, FG%, etc.) all took a nice jump which can probably be attributed to both improvement and confidence in his game.  This seems to indicate that there is a significant amount of potential and room to grow for Art as his basketball experience is most likely less than half that of just about any other player expected to be drafted this year.

His parents both come from professional athlete stock and are now both National coaches in Belarus which has paid off both in his genes and in his expectations around training (which can be substantiated by his ridiculously low 6% body fat).

Out of Draft Expresses usage analysis across all centers, he had the highest usage rate while maintaining an incredibly low turnover rate.  This could be for a few reasons: 1) His shots fouled with his back to the basket was the highest of all centers due to playing in a small conference where opposing undersized teams employed a Hack-an-Art strategy, 2) he is very strong with the ball when attempting to finish around the rim.  In the few highlights you can find of him playing at Radford, he seems to almost always draw a good amount of contact on the way up and in many cases appeared to relish in the physicality of the inside.  Drawing fouls reduces the total number of opportunities an opposing team has to take the ball away from you although in this case its not all positive as he shot only 56% from the line.

He's never going to be a 7' 3 point threat.  I see this as a positive mainly because most of us are tired of our biggest players being in the worst position on the court for snatching up offensive rebounds.  While he won't ever be draining 3s, he showed a touch for shooting from around 15 feet and in during the season and during the draft combine, and had the highest number of jump shots per game out of any of the bigs analyzed by DraftExpress.

Some added analysis from Draft Express posted after the 2009 NCAA season where he led Radford to an NCAA Tournament and received Big South Player of the Year honors:

In the Big South, he proves incredibly difficult to stop, as the big target he provides underneath, his solid hands, and his ability to maneuver around the paint for offensive rebounds and dump passes earn him a lot of easy shots right at the basket. Showing good finishing ability, keeping the ball high and dunking it whenever possible, Parakhouski has his way with interior defenders in the Big South, though he is prone to have his shot blocked against players with comparable physical gifts.

In addition to finishing at a high rate, Parakhouski does some damage in post up situations at as well. Preferring to operate over his right shoulder, Parakhouski displays a nice turnaround jumper turning in either direction, and flashes a hook shot on occasion. Having little trouble turning and elevating over his defender, Parakhouski’s short range touch appears solid, and he’s even able to step out and knock down an occasional midrange jumper.


The Negative
Playing in a small under-sized conference has limited his exposure to other future NBA centers and likely inflated his stats somewhat.  Perhaps most concerning is his ability to finish at the rim which was 2nd worst among bigs analyzed at 1.15 PPP

The Net
If you believe that 2nd round draft picks are made based on overall potential, then I can't see us going with anyone but Art.  His limited number of seasons, strong genes, even stronger body and frame, and his performance against top tier schools in his Senior year all speak highly of the amount of potential this guy has.  On top of that, while he's already strong, his frame would support another 10-15 lbs of muscle.  At 7' and 280, he may likely be one of our best chances at being able to stop D. Howard for years to come...

In his college play this year he had games against Duke, Kansas, Louisville...

Against Duke: 23 Points, 14 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 turnovers, only 1 foul
Against Louisville: 14 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 turnover, only 1 foul
Against Kansas: 21 Points, 13 rebounds (6 offensive), 2 blocks, 1 turnover, 4 fouls
Best game of the year against VMI: 30 Points, 22 rebounds, 3 blocks, 1 turnover, 2 fouls

2009-10 Game Logs:

Highlights & Draft Combine Interview

Highlight Reel (featuring BUSTA!):
Couple catch and slam moments and a couple of blocked shots:

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