PG needed... PG found...

Before you get all upset and say that we have a wonderful PG in Rodney Stuckey, hear me out.  Yes we have many 'wingmen' in Ben Gordon, Stuckey, and RIP. But, if you look back at the great Piston teams, we are lacking a much needed piece to the championship puzzle... a true PG.  One player that I feel is way under the radar and seems to  be in a similar position that one Chauncey Billups was early on in his career.  A first round draft pick that was given up on...but, has managed to stick around to contribute in a back-up role and contribute efficiently when called upon.

Taken 3rd overall in the 1997 NBA draft, Chauncey traveled the North America during his first four years in the league. Obviously already upset they lost out on all three chances to nab the number one pick and surefire stud, Tim Duncan, the Boston Celtics traded the young guard to land of maple syrup and hockey for the older, more established Kenny Anderson.  From there, Chauncey jumped kept his winter jacket on and headed to the Rockies, where he enjoyed a short-lived home town reunion with the Denver Nuggets, who later dumped him to the Magic.  Never playing for the Magic, Chuancey caught on as the back up for the Minnesota Timberwolves star, Terrell Brandon.  Taking advantage of a Brandon injury, Chauncey finally proved that he could handle being the captain of an NBA ship with a steady 2001-2002 season. Joe Dumars took a flyer on a young journeyman... The rest is history.

Enter my suggestion for the newest Piston PG... Kyle Lowry.  Before you leave this post to open a new tab to get to Google to find out who I am talking about about... here me out... Well, go ahead... See who I'm talking about then, tab back over and continue reading...


Taken 24th overall in the 2006 NBA draft after two seasons at Villanova, Kyle Lowry played in a spartan 10 games his rookie season.  By year number two, he played in all 82 games and averaged nearly 10 pts, 3 rebs, and 3 assists per game in 25 minutes of play. Tossed in a three-team trade in the 2008-09 season, he landed with the Houston Rockets, where his steady numbers continued.  This year, though shotting a less-than-gaudy 40% from the field (his career FG percentage is 42), he put up very good numbers considering he only averaged 24 minutes per game - 9.1 points, 3.6 rebounds,  4.5 assists, and .9 steals per game.  Sporting a higher assists-per-48-minutes average (8.9) than likes of Tony Parker, Jarrett Jack, Andre Miller, Brandon Jennings, Jason Williams, and our very own Will Bynum, Kyle's numbers show he can handle the full-time load of running a team.  Similarly, his rebounds-per-48-minutes number of 7.2 places him 8th among guards who averaged more than 20 minutes a game.  When considering only true PG's, he is 2nd only to triple-double machine, Jason Kidd and his 7.4 average (per 48).

If the price is right...and I'm guessing it is, Joey D needs to seriously consider conducting an in-depth cost benefit analysis regarding obtaining Kyle Lowry's services for the Detroit Pistons.  He may never end up being a sure-fire stud, starting point guard in the league, but, at a minimum he will remain a very productive back-up PG.

-Fletcher, Irwin M.

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