Another Stupid Trade Idea

Well, we've certainly discussed portions of this proposal before.  What I have done is composed a proposal that combines trading with Philly and Minny in a way that would net us Cousins, Aldrich, and Sessions, which pretty much covers the majority DBB wish list.  Here it goes..

Detroit sends Tay and Max to Philly for Brand and No.2 pick.  I know we have written at length about this idea, and it always included the 7th pick.  Based on what I've been reading, Philly would likely do this without the pick.  Tay is expiring and fits a need.  Also, Max can fill Brand's spot adequately.

Then, Detroit sends Rip and No. 2 to Minny for Sessions and No. 4 and No. 16.  Minny would be crazy not to do this.  They would be getting the best player in the deal who fits a need AND they'd be getting the No. 2 pick.  Joe would probably never do this, but it would get us out of Rip's contract, net us Sessions, and another first rounder.  (Yes, I know the salaries don't match, but Minny has cap space.)

With the No. 4 pick, we draft Cousins.  With the No. 7 pick, we draft Aldrich.  I would trade No. 16 for a future first rounder.  With the No. 36 pick, draft the best project big available.  Sign Bynum (at $3 mil per) and Wallace (biannual for one year).  Don't bother spending the mid level this year. 






Cousins/Aldrich/Wallace/No. 36

If you're not completely tired of these things, salaries are after the jump.






































































No. 36 big










Note that the table does include team options for all first round draft picks, and qualfying offers for Stuckey and Daye.  While we would have lot's of committed salary, we should be able to extend Stuckey and Jerebko (if we want) and stay under the tax.  The salary gets pretty huge by 2013/2014, but we would have Brand's expiring $18 mil contract to play with that year. 

That is a very, very young team, but we would have a ton of assets on cheap contracts and an additional future first rounder.

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