Better late than never..

I stumbled upon an interview with Jonas Jerebko on a Swedish fansite recently, thought I'd make a translation and post it, despite being old news.

This interview took place just before Christmas by Henrik Örtenvik in New Orleans. Original link

I've translated the essentials of the interview as well as I could. The interview was done from a Swedish point of view, some of those specifics I've edited out, others I've left in there. The questions, or rather the buildup to the questions are a bit funny, but that's how it's written and I've tried to keep the translation close to the original. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the translation.

Q: In a few years you've gone from Plannja [Swedish first league team] to the Detroit Pistons, that's one hell of a trip. You must have added a lot of muscle since then?

A: I guess that comes naturally with age, but I've worked hard in the gym and sure, I'm a bit bigger than I was in Plannja. I was about 80 kg (176 lbs), now I'm over 100 (220 lbs). So that's a couple of kilos added.

Q: In interviews you've shown a lot of confidence and I'm sure that has appealed to the Pistons organization, what other traits made them wanna draft you?

A: I don't know, you'll have to ask them about that. But I know that George, our head scout had his eye on me for quite some time. I don't think they counted on me being around at 39, but when I was they picked me.

Q: What was it like, the first time, meeting legends like Joe Dumars and players like Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace and Richard Hamilton who have all won the championship with the Pistons? You must have been a bit startstruck?

A: Well, in the beginning it was a bit like that, sure. But then you start practicing, they practice like everyone else, they're people too. Then it becomes everyday life. Like today, I had breakfast with Rip.

Q: I bet you daydreamed about playing in the NBA, now you get the chance to meet players you've only seen on TV before. What are your strongest impressions so far?

A: What can I say... It's like I said, thing are beginning to be "business as usual". In the beginning you thought a lot about who you faced every game, but eventually you get used to that. Now I don't think about who I face, I just get out there and play.

Q: You've started most games and we're all curious: What's it like standing eye to eye with Dwight Howard?

A: He's a monster! He's huge!

Q: Is there anything that surprises you in the NBA? I imagine that there are lots of stuff we miss in Sweden because we can't see the games on TV.

A: It was fun playing the Lakers in LA, completely sold out. Probably not an empty seat in the arena. It's always fun with the people courtside trashtalking, the audience turned against you.. So far I haven't had any of that from other players, there is a mutual respect.

Q: Did you see the rookie rankings on

A: A teammate told me I was up to sixth place, it's fun to be noticed and recognized in the US... There weren't many people in Sweden who thought I was gonna get to play at all, it's fun proving them wrong.

Q: What do you expect from the season? Before this season most people thought you were gonna watch and learn. Were you mentally prepared for that or did you expect to play as much as you have?

A: Of course I didn't expect to play that much, but it's fun to get to show what you can do. Now I know what to expect, I just have to keep working. I know I can play here and I've shown it so far, I'm gonna keep training hard and we'll see where it goes. As a team we should make the playoffs at least. That's our goal.

Q: What was your favorite team as a kid?

A: You don't see a lot of the NBA in Sweden, but I guess it was the Indiana Pacers with Reggie Miller, at least for a while.

Q: Did you have any idols or role models?
A: Not really, not in basketball at least. As I said before, I haven't had the opportunity to see a lot of the NBA growing up in Sweden.

Q: Have you had time to make yourself at home in Detroit now? Or do you still feel like a stranger in the city?

A: No, I feel pretty much settled in now actually. We have a lot of time on the road but quite a lot of time at home too.

Q: What's Detroit like? It's supposed to be a run down city with a lot of poverty, do get to see that part of the city?

A: I do live in a suburb and I'm enjoying it there. Henrik Zetterberg [of the Red Wings] live nearby. Media makes it seem worse than it is, I think.

Q: Have you had much contact with the Swedes in the Red Wings?

A: I've been to six or seven of their games and I've had dinner with Henrik and Kronwall so I know them somewhat now. They've been to a few Pistons games too.

Q: How "taken care of" do you get as a player in the NBA, and as a rookie in particular? We've heard about clubs that spoil their players rotten.

A: The Pistons have a very good organization, if you have questions there is always someone who can help you, other than that, you're on your own.

Q: Is there a hierarchy in the locker room? Can a rookie claim his space or are you supposed to know your place, so to speak?

A: I don't think it's a good idea to go nuts, if you're a rookie, you're a rookie. But so far it's been cool.

Q: Are there any initiation rituals like in the NHL where the team has a night out and the rookies pick up the check?

A: Nothing at all actually!

Q: Have you become good friends with anyone in the team?
A: All are good guys, I mostly hang out with the other rookies, but Rodney Stuckey is my age and we hang out sometimes.

Q: What's John Kuester like as a coach? Is there a big difference in coaching compared to Sweden and Italy?

A: I like him as a coach, he's good and talks to everybody on the team. But I haven't really compared him to the other coaches I've had.

[Outro - End interview]

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