Pistons v. Kings "The Debacle in the Desert" Player Breakdown

Tough night for the Pistons. I had my doubts about pulling out a win when it was announced that we were going to rest Jonas. A twenty-nine point loss and a lot of looks at Jared Reiner, needless to say it was difficult to watch.

The playas:

Austin Daye...5 pts. 0 rbs. 2 asts. 0-7 from the field 0-2 from range.

As good as Austin looked the first two games he looked that bad tonight. Tonight was a reminder of why we haven't traded Tayshaun Prince. I kept hearing how he was a "little banged up" and it started to sound like an excuse. The defense was keying on him (as any smart defense should do to the opposing team's go-to-guy) and frustrated Austin into a forgettable performance. Defensively he was not moving his feet and his reaching resulted in six personal fouls. I am interested to see how he bounces back from this game, that will be a good indicator of his maturity level and improvement.

DaJuan Summers...10 pts. 4 rbs. 1 blk.

DaJuan continues to show his worth getting to the rim and drawing fouls (4-5 from the line) but 3-11 from the field isn't going to get it done. With Austin having a bad night this was the chance for DaJuan to step up and say "Alright, let's go. Get me the ball and let me work." Unfortunately it didn't play out that way and an opportunity to further DaJuan's case for a consistent spot in the rotation was lost.

Jonas Jerebko...Had the night off.

Greg Monroe...7 pts. 7 rbs. 1 ast.

Greg wasn't dominated by Cousins, the player taken two spots ahead of him in the 2010 Draft, and showed some fire stepping up to foil Hassan Whiteside's dunk attempt. He shows well on pick and rolls but doesn't close-out well on defense leading to blow-bys and fouls. It was good to see him being active stealing the ball from Cousins on a post entry pass and he continues to show his ability to handle the ball in the open court and in half-court sets. I continue to like what I see from Greg. He got up the floor again for a couple of nice lay-ins and pulled down 3 offensive rebounds. Once he settles down and tones up he is going to be in good shape (no pun intended) to help the Pistons win some games next year.

Terrico White...9 pts. 2 rbs. 2 asts.

Terrico White's jumper (particularly off the dribble) is smooth. Barry mentioned his balance and you could see it in his shot. He showed his hops on a nice alley-oop throwdown from Daye and delivered another solid performance. He comitted only one turnover. Still would like to see him get a five or six assist game under his belt before the end of summer league.

Other Notables:

Mac Koshwal...10 pts. 12 rbs. 1 ast.

He's 6'10, 240, rebounds and airballs free-throws. Sound familiar? Mac Koshwal is not the second coming of Ben Wallace and I really didn't think we had a roster spot for him at the beginning of summer league. But, I warming up to the guy. He fights for boards. He's got size. Sure, he needs to clean his game up, but he seems like the kind of guy we could use in the D. I'm not saying sign the guy up immediately, but he may play himself into a Pistons' uni by the end of the week.

A.J. Slaughter...10 pts. 1 rb. 1 ast. 3-3 from the field 1-1 from range

Had a good shooting day but another small shooting guard(Hi, Ben Gordon)is not what the Pistons are looking for.

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