JJ in Sweden *updated*

Homecoming for Jonas Jerebko last night when Sweden played Estonia in the city of Borås, right where Jonas' journey to the NBA started, playing with M7 a few years back. Also coverage of the other games, updated whenever there is something to report.

Aug. 3: Sweden vs. Estonia 84-66

Jonas had a pretty solid night, scoring 20 points, eight rebounds (one offensive), four assists, two steals, two fouls and three turnovers, playing just over 29 minutes.

Sweden got off to a very weak start giving Estonia a 10-0 advantage immediately. After an early time out Sweden came out much stronger and eventually won the game 84-66.

Jerebko started off a bit nervous and said himself that he felt a bit rusty, but as the game went on, Jonas started playing with more confidence and took the leading role expected of him. The team as a whole played basketball at a level they haven't been close to for ages. When I asked a reporter who has been following the national team for several years what part Jerebko had in the transformation he said "Jonas is never gonna be the guy who scores 40 points in a game, but he makes his teammates better, by leading by example, creating space for others and being a pure spark of energy in tough situations"


Aug. 4: Sweden vs. Estonia 74-68

Apparently there was another game against Estonia that I did not know about. This time Sweden took the lead early on and had 25-5 after the first quarter thinks looked pretty safe.. Not. In haftime the score was 39-39. In the end it was willpower that sealed the deal and Sweden won 74-68.

Haven't found any box score from the game, Jonas had 18 points however.


Aug. 8: Sweden vs. Belarus 75-66

Once again Jerebko had a solid night. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the game myself but there is a summary and links in the commetary section. Enjoy.


Aug. 11: Romania vs. Sweden 70-54

Romania was better than Sweden in all aspect of the game and won comfortably. Of Sweden's 54 points, Jonas Jerebko had 19. He also managed 14 rebounds, six of them offensive. So Jonas had a pretty huge night at least compared to the rest of the team, but it still wasn't enough.


Aug. 17: Sweden vs. Albania 111-64

Sweden pulverized Albania and despite reports that Jonas has been feeling less than great the last few days due to illness, he still went out on the field and had a big night. Playing 28 minutes, he went 9/13 from inside the arc and also had one three pointer (out of three atempts) and 3/3 free throws, scoring a total of 24 points. 14 rebounds, 4 of them offensive. As if that was not enough, he also had 7 assists and only one turnover. No blocks or steals this time around. Also two fouls to complete the box score line.

Aug. 21: Azerbaijan vs. Sweden 79-101


"...the biggest clash in Division B arguably took place in Baku where Azerbaijan had their unbeaten record smashed in spectacular style by visiting Sweden who came out on top 101-73 after a blistering final quarter and another phenomenal performance by Jonas Jerebko.

With the scores tied 41-41 at the half, Sweden edged themselves into a handy 7 point lead at the end of the third period and then exploded with 38 points during the last quarter to leave the hosts stunned. Jerebko claimed 35 points and 10 rebounds while Anton Saks added a valuable 20 points for the winning team."

Apparently, when Jerebko was substituted with one minute remaining he got standing ovations from the Azerbaijani spectators, so that has to have been one mean game.

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