The Boourns' Top Trade Ideas - NOW YOUR THOUGHTS

Per the direction of Matt W, I'm taking my comment from a different post and making a fanpost.

The trade below are in order from most impactful to least impactful when considering salary implications for the Pistons.  More in a second...

In all cases, these trades focus on the following premises:

1) The team we're trading with is in contention for one of the final playoff spots
2) The team we're trading with is looking for frontcourt depth
3) We are receiving nothing but expiring contracts or in the case of the Memphis trade, saving around $5M over the course of the next couple years.

Tayshaun + CV (DET) for AK-47 (UTAH) - $24M in savings over 3 years
Tayshaun and AK are essentially the same player this year although AK’s usage is much lower and his TS% is higher. I’d attribute this more to Isolayshaun than anything else. Playing alongside Deron and Al Jeff, Tay can move back into his defensive-minded, corner 3 shooting SF that he’s accustomed to playing. CV offers depth in a frontcourt with a consistently injured Memo.

CV31 + T-Mac (DET) for TJ Ford + 2nd Rounder (IND) - $24M in savings over 3 years
T-Mac would represent an improvement as a back up PG to Collison, Dunleavy, and Granger and CV would provide additional scoring in their front court potentially bumping McRoberts from the starting lineup or challenging Hansbrough in the 2nd unit. McRoberts is also an expiring this year so CV would help Indiana plug that hole if McRoberts goes elsewhere.

Maxiell + T-Mac (DET) for Jeff Foster (IND) - $10M in savings over 2 years
Foster represents an expiring contract which would save us all of Maxiell’s future salary. T-Mac still upgrades their backup PG/SG/SF position and Maxiell adds depth to the frontcourt although not nearly the scoring punch or salary relief we’d get from the above trade.

Maxiell (DET) for Marcus Banks (NOH) - $10M in savings over 2 years
Banks is an expiring contract and unless he’s used in a larger deal for Jamison/Troy Murphy, won’t get moved. NOH is looking for depth in their frontcourt which Maxiell could provide.

Maxiell + T-Mac (DET) for Hasheem Thabeet (MEM) - $5M in savings over 2 years
This move would save us $5M over the long-haul and give us a flier on at worst a bust, and at best a future face of the franchise/defensive minded big


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