In celebration of the Cavaliers' improbable victory, I give you a first: Ramon Session and Mike Payne slash fanfiction.

"Come on, Ramon..."

"Mike, you know this isn't a good idea."


Ramon sighed. With increasing difficulty, Ramon Sessions pried himself free of Mike Payne's arms, and positioned himself as far away as the cramped closet would allow him. While Mike did nothing to keep Ramon at his side, he continued to stare at Ramon with a smile that was nothing short of evil. Quietly, he began to tap his foot in an impatient manner.

"Well? Why not?" he asked again.

Ramon shrugged uncomfortably. "If we get caught...and the last time I said yes because you carried me to the janitor's closet. That's different. There, we weren't prone to being discovered by anyone other than the janitor. Here, hell, even bugman22 could come in."


Cornering Ramon against the shelves, Mike placed his hands on Ramon's chest and began sliding them upwards and around his neck. Ramon blinked as Mike thrust his face closer to his.

"Come on, Ramon..." he purred seductively. "You're always saying how I'm constantly making you wait."

Again, Ramon sighed. Wrapping his arms around Mike's small waist, he leaned forward and began to run his tongue across Mike's neck.

"We're gonna get caught, Mike."

Mike laughed softly. "Wanna bet?"

"Yes. I bet you 5 bucks that we're gonna get busted."

One of Mike's hands moved up to Ramon's neck. He ran his fingers along Ramon's short, black hair, which shined in the dim light of the closet.

"Mmmmm....10 bucks!"






"One hundred and fifty!"

The last proposal caught Ramon by surprise. A hundred and fifty dolllars was quite a jump from 50. For a moment, he paused his activity, considering the offer. Then he grinned. A hundred and fifty was enough to make him happy for the next three days, he figured.

Breathing softly in Mike's ear, he whispered, "Deal."

Sorry guys, that's all I can write. I gotta get back to my homework, and I really should keep this work safe. Hope you guys like it!

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