Well, Here's why I think Bill Davidson would have fired Joe Dumars.

So I tried to get someone in the palace to come up with a reason why Joe Dumars would still have a job if Bill Davidson was still around, but apparently the 2 meager pages of questions were a little too important to squeeze in the response to questions about why Joe Dumars should be fired if there were still a real owner in place. 


I tried with three people and approached it in 3 different ways.


Tidwell, from  Tulsa, OK thinks that the Pistons are classy, and these players aren't. 

The Pistons have always been known for playing with class.  The more I see this team the more I realize that the class and character exemplified by the great Pistons teams is the best part of the sport for me.  Needless to say, I was disgusted by the players this season who refuse to listen to their coach, who refer to coaching decision as "Buffoonery", and who just recently had to be suspended after missing practice.  Blaming the coaches is easy, but remember we are on our third coach in three years.  Should we expect a management change in the front office at Auburn Hills?  It seems like Bill Davidson would make a bold decision and change the GM to send a message to the whole organization.

Carl, from  New York, NY thinks that the bar that was set by the Larry Brown firing means Davidson would have no tolerance for how this team is being managed.

This season has been a disgrace to the Pistons and Detroit.  Players not going to practice, players swearing at their coach, and players trashing their teammates in the media and on twitter.  Why hasn't Joe Dumars been more public and vocal about the team's poor behavior and lack of character?  Is it because of the sale?  If Bill Davidson was still alive would he have allowed this?  I remember when the late Bill Davidson fired Larry Brown for disrespecting the team when he looked for another job.  If we follow that example don't you think we should release any players who disrespect the organization and fire GM Joe Dumars for allowing this to get this bad?

William, from  Bloomfield Hills, MI thinks that Dumars career is a lot like our last GM who won a championship, and is at the point in his career arc where it is time for an exit.

Is this season the end of Joe Dumars' run as a GM?  I am basing this on what I remember from 'Trader' Jack McCloskey's last season as the GM of the Pistons here there was much player unrest.  The team at that time had chemistry problems especially with incorporating new and old talent, and adapting to their 3rd coach in as many years.  One incident I remember that season was Isiah Thomas breaking his hand after punching Bill Laimbeer in the head.  If Bill Davidson would let go of the GM at that point, doesn't it seem like Joe Dumars might face a similar fate?

Given the questions questions he chose to ask he probably had to avoid anything overly negative as the Pistons were starting up the fist bump factory later this afternoon.  Pretty lame results for operation, but such is life.  Anybody else have better luck?

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