Who is this Boney guy, anyway?

DBB has some interesting characters.  We've got a professional upright bass virtuoso, a Brooklyn filmmaker, an LA screenwriter, we've got the Dos Equis guy, even a real-thing credentialed sports writer-- a lot of interesting characters.  Many of us may have a lot in common that we're not even aware of.  So far, we only know about eachother via account names and the loose tidbits that happen here and there in comments.  I thought-- wouldn't it be fun to run a series of interviews with DBB regulars?

So to start off a series of forthcoming interviews titled "Who is this guy anyway?", I thought I'd reach all the way back to the earliest days of DetroitBadBoys.  The text was white, the walls were black and each post would average three or four comments.  Amongst the first was Boney, a controversial figure on a CONTROVERSIAL site.  And hey, this is a controversial first pick-- Boney and I have exchanged plenty of jabs in varying degrees of bitterness.  But with all being good and polite, I sent Boney a list of questions about his fanhood, about DBB and invited him to ask himself one question at the end.  Here are his responses...

What is your first memory as a Pistons fan?  What was it that made you a Pistons fan for life?

My first memory as a Pistons fan came from watching the 1987 Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics - My Dad was a big Pistons fan (the reason I ultimately became one as well) and he had a co-worker named Richard that used to come over and they'd drink and smoke weed with each other when my Mom would be out.  Richard's favorite team was the Celtics - so naturally since my Dad was the greatest Dad ever, I was on his team, the Pistons.

Noting your distance from the Palace and Detroit in general, in what ways do you entertain your fanhood from afar?

To be honest - I entertain my fanhood by attending Wizards v. Pistons games and by watching via free stream whenever I get the chance.  I grew up with the Detroit teams and was always ridiculed for being a Piston/Lions/Tigers fan - so I try to see them as often as I can.

I make it up to Detroit once or twice a year usually once for a Pistons game and then at least once for a Tigers game.  It's just something about the D...

What first brought you to DetroitBadBoys, and what is your earliest memory of the community?

A lot of people don't know, or remember (or care to remember), a site called YAYSports!  I stumbled upon blogs, in general, in 2006 during the Pistons vs. Cavaliers series in the playoffs.  I had gone to the Game 3 game in Cleveland where Rasheed Wallace twisted his ankle, and the Cleveland fans were cheering.

After the game, as my Dad and I were leaving the Q, several Cleveland fans got up in my Dad's face and were yelling in his face because Detroit lost.  This set off my inner troll.... YAYSports writer Brian Spaeth had written a post making fun of Rasheed Wallace, and I google searched for Cleveland Cavaliers message boards and his site is the first one that came.

Beyond the Pistons, tell us about yourself-- your work, your town, your story-- what drives Boney beyond the Pistons alone?

I'm a construction manager for the local government here in the DC area.  I grew up in Fairfax County, Virginia and have lived in the area my entire life.  The suburb areas here take themselves a little too seriously, but I do like the area because the further West you go, the newer the development areas are and you never really feel like you're too far from DC because of how much development has taken place.

What drives me?  Pressure and success.  Knowing that you can count on Boney to get a time sensitive project or a high profile project complete, are the accolades I live for.  I don't want my name to be in the paper praising me because it's about my team first but, knowing that I'm called on for high pressure and high stress jobs before others in my field, who have more experience than me?  That's what drives me.

If you could change any one thing about the Pistons now, what would it be?  If you could keep one thing constant, what would it be?

I'd change the ownership situation, which I believe would have a definite trickledown affect on the rest of the team.  With a new owner comes his "people" and with his "people" come his people's "people" and so on and so forth (picture: Bill Parcells and his "Parcells guys").

If I could keep one thing constant: I'd keep the atmosphere of the Palace intact.  I know I'm a homer when I say this but it has to be said:  I've been to Verizon Center, United Center, Pepsi Center, Quicken Loans and the Capital Center (old Bullets arena) and nothing approaches the atmosphere that the Palace provides.  From the acoustics to the fans... I know new ownership will be pushing for an arena downtown - I want transfer as much of the atmosphere as possible if they were to move.

Wild card question: Why so angry?

If you don't know by now, I'm not serious 100% of the time.  I'm not one of those Jeff Pearlman guys that will back down and write a passive aggressive post in response either.  I say what I say to get a reaction, if it's positive then it's all good respect all around.

Perfect example: Everyone knows baseball writer Ken Rosenthal is short.  I wanted to know his thoughts on the Tigers re-signing Magglio Ordonez this offseason, so I replied to a tweet of his with some "shorty" shtick.  He replied all up in arms about it, and others who follow me retweeted our exchange until he replied and I had a chance to tell him he was a good sport and we both went on our merry way.  Ever since, I haven't trolled him, and he hasn't replied to anything I ask him.  I trolled him twice, got replies twice, and have been nice ever since and he hasn't replied at all.

I've met the creator of this site (DBB 1.0) on a couple of occasions and it's been extremely light hearted and cordial.  I've obviously met Natalie a couple of times as well, and we all see that had I been the complete jerk some think I am, I wouldn't be helping out at Need4Sheed.  I think sometimes we all take ourselves a little too seriously, and discussing basketball on a blog of our favorite team should not be a place where it becomes overly emotional and sensitive.  That's not to say that I would back off of my comments, but I don't think I'd ever meet someone that I felt would hold a grudge against me before we even meet.

Thanks for the answers, Boney.  So who's next?  Check in next week!

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