Good times, guys, good times

I was watching the last game of the season and feeling emotional. Even though this season blew fat chunks, there were lots of things that I will always treasure.

Remember at the beginning of the season when they kept alley-ooping to Tmac and he couldn't get up for them? I thought that it was like a sick joke, but then he threw one down and had a solid stretch for a lot of the season.

Remember when they kept throwing alley oops to CV and he couldn't get up for them? That never changed.

Remember all the weird shots that CV would throw up and I would cringe, but then one of them would go in and it was great. CV was so goofy. I can't help but love him with (maybe because of) his many flaws.

Remember how Tay made us all furious? Then Kriz coined IsoLayshaun and now it just makes me laugh.

Remember the maturation of the Monroe? He got a ton of sweet nicknames. Remember that sweet stretch of double-doubles?

Remember when Daye crushed it in the preseason? He didn't keep it up, but that was fun.

Remember how Wilcox sucked all season, but is suddenly good at the end and it just happens to be the end of his contract? Hee hee!

Remember when the member of DBB held up the batman signal at a game? I forget who that was, but it was so good.

Remember that overtime game where Rip scored a ton of points and there was a shred of hope that he could somehow get it together?

Remember when they retired Rodman's Jersey on April MF Fools Day? Nothing can top that! It was so god damn crazy!

The more I think about it, I did love this season. Of course, I was angry, sad, hopeless, and disappointed for most of it, but somehow, in retrospect, I am fond of it. Something about our hapless team is endearing to me. Share any fun memories from the season that you have. Or make fun of my irrational attachment to this shit-hole season! Just do what you like!

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