Different Paths, Same Truth: Lost Love for Rodney Stuckey

I was going to write this long, drawn out fanpost about Rodney Stuckey but as I went back to it the third time in three days to re-write, I realized that it was as much a post to myself as it was to anyone else. I’ve been high on Stuckey since we drafted him into this league. And a part of me will always want to be high on Stuckey. But as I spent hours reviewing Stuckey’s stats, and coming up with all these things to write about which most of us already know, I realized I was digging for something that probably isn’t there.

I wanted to see that other point guards saw significant jumps in their stats after 3 years of heavy minutes. But only the best do that. Rondo did it in year 3 (more a result of swapping Jefferson for Garnett, and bringing Ray Allen in), and Nash did it when he went back to Phoenix (jumped from 9.5 assists per 36 in his last year in Dallas to 12 in his first in Phoenix. Swapping Dirk for Amare and having D’Antoni as a coach both played a part).

Even guys like Andre Miller, Chauncey, Tony Parker, and Jason Kidd average only a 15% increase from year 4 to year 8, and there are plenty of point guards who regress (Hinrich, if you call him a PG, is one of them). I finally had the epiphany that Stuckey, won’t likely get any better than he is right now. And that’s not good enough. I realize many of you had this realization long ago but sometimes people take different paths to the same truth.

And if, and it’s a big if, Stuckey is going to end up an all-star, he’s going to need to go elsewhere to accomplish it. Sometimes…you just have to let go of the things you love. So I’m officially off the Stuckey bandwagon. It’s been a great trip, but if I don’t get off right now, I may never get off.

And yet a part of me wants to give you some highlights of all the data I dug through. So here you go (and this is to make no argument, simply interesting tidbits):

  • Stuckey did improve in a number of key areas (Assists per 36, FTA, FT%, FG%, TS%, PER, O-Rating…of course many of these are directly tied together)
  • Stuckey produced as many 9+ assist games this season as he did in the previous two combined (12).
  • And in those games this season, the Pistons were a surprising .583 Win percentage. Stuckey also averaged 20 points in those 12 games (vs. averaging 15.8 in the 7 9+ assist games from the year before)
  • The 2 biggest reasons why Stuckey’s assist numbers weren’t higher this year were Kuester playing him at the 2…and…wait for it…refusing to go back in the game (HAYO!).
  • Out of 33 players (all but one of which were starting point guards this season, with Wade being the exception), Stuckey had the 3rd most offensive fouls after Russell Westbrook at 51 and Wade at 42. Stuckey had 33 – 30 the year before that, and 35 in 08-09. One area where he has not improved...
  • Sessions had the 9th most ball-handling turnovers in the league this season. He was also 12th worst in Assist to Bad Passes. Far worse than Stuckey was (Stuckey was 9th best among starting PGs). Sorry MP.
  • Steve Nash had the highest assist/48 of any point guard in the league this year.
  • Harris’s Passer Rating (via dropped significantly after the trade to Utah, while Williams went up to 2nd in the league behind Nash (Williams from 15.2 to 17.4 and Harris dropping from 12.3 to 7.4 after the trade)
  • In the swap of Felton and Billups, Chauncey improved slightly while Felton’s passer rating decreased.
  • Resigning Stuckey would be a massive mistake, he can’t play point and BG is better at the two. For the money he’s gonna cost the best move would be to trade him now.

    Now your thoughts.

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