Panda Tournament 2011 - Final Results

And now... The final results of...


The Piston Acquisition and New Development Awards Tournament


First off I want to thank everyone for playing, I thought that it would be a cool thing to do, and I stuck through and did it even though it took a while.  That said, the thing didn't end up the way I wanted, because it ended up with a Tie.  After I cast my vote for Jonas Jerebko it made it 7-7 between Bill Laimbeer as coach and Jonas Jerebko returning healthy with a deadly 3.  For the moment, there is no Champion.

The PANDA tournament was successful in a lot of ways, P.A.N.D.A. was a successful acronym, I learned a lot Excel functions, and it at least gave me something to be interested in during the dark days at the end of the season. If people want, we can do this again in the fall, or after our season ends next June. We should give ourselves around of applause and a slap on the back for a job well done. 

But it wasn't really successful.  Why?  Because we don't have a winner, and I don't feel right just saying that Jonas wins because he earned more votes over the whole of the tournament than Laimbeer (63 to 54).  At least not in the championship round.

So, it's a tie. 


Bill Laimbeer hired as Coach


Jonas Jerebko regains full health and a deadly 3



Dump Charlie Villanueva


Monroe Develops 18 ft. Jumpshot


A bunch more tied with 1


It would be interesting to see someone on either side present a fact based argument for why one should win or why the other should lose.  I am confident that 80% of the evidence for what Bill Laimbeer could do is based on opinion, and 80% of the conversation about Jerebko's potential has been coming from Keith Langlois's coverage of his recovery.


If you want to defend the honor of Jerebko or Laimbeer, feel free to finish this thing once and for all in the comments below.

Final Panda Bracket



Previous Rounds

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