draft goals - more pistons coolaid and congoolaid

I do have to say I'm pretty confident that the Pistons will get good help this draft. I'm not quite on the Langlois level of positive spin, but it does look like @ number 7 we will be choosing between: Jonas, Biyombo, Enes, Kemba, and Brandon Knight... and I think there is hope that those choices will be pretty good. And if we get a top 2 pick, we have potential superstars (Kyrie or Derrick).

Last year we got lucky with Greg Monroe at #7 - But this year at #7 all of these players have qualities that we really need.


Picks at 7 + Videos

Biyombo - blocks, blocks, blocks, rebounds, dunks, strength, low center of gravity, quick, highlight maker, 7'7 wingspan, 1st triple double in International Game

Enes -  size in the post, strength, offense in paint, rebounds, 3 point range but not soft Patrick Patterson compared him to Demarcus Cousins 

Brandon Knight -  - pg skills, good size for a PG, quickness (an actual finisher, a drive finisher and a game finisher), 3 point range, Best shooter out of all the Calipari pgs (DRose, Wall, Tyreke)

Kemba Walker -  (video has awesome track by Japhia Life) - quickness, best finisher, winner, Isaiah Thomas type of winning potential, born to win leadership that can't be underestimated 

Jonas Valanciunas - length, (7 footer) hustle, energy, defense, good jumpshot, long arms, once he gains size could be next Pau Gasol with more energy and blocks

Main Point - our needs can be met easily
If we get a good big man, that's exactly what we need.

If we get a good pg, that's exactly what we need. We can trade for a big, move Stuckey to SG.

Worst case scenario (#8), we get JIMMER - lights out shooter, and space the floor for Stuckey to drive Or push our bigs into the paint where they belong.

Also if we get a pg in the first round, we can get Keith Benson in the 2nd round, who after adding 15 pounds will be a steal for a 2nd rounder.

And if we get a  BIG in the first round, we can get Darius Morris in the 2nd round, who showed passing skills and a floater that were nba ready, and could develop to a good nba pg in about a year.

Drink the 'Laid

I won't say 60 wins next year but I think its a good draft with starters up to #7. Whereas last year's draft was good with starters only up to #6, but we got #5 at #7... that may prove to be the best thing that happened to the Pistons in the past 4 years.

Monroe is a solid piece, easy to build upon. Especially if he puts on 10-15 pounds of muscle for his defensive strength. Then all we need is a star 4/5 AND a star PG in the next couple of years.

My coolaid is a litte weaker, I say 40 wins 2012, 50 wins in 2013 (2 seasons from now), ONLY if we get Bill Laimbeer or Rick Adelman as a new coach this year.

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