Ramon Sessions by the Numbers (MPG Analysis)

MFMP once opined about a "tool" that would allow him to delve inside Ramon's... "statistics"  on a minutes per game basis to see whether he was more effective when he played...longer.  But for once, MFMP took a laid back (on second thought, my guess is MFMP has laid back for Ramon on more than one occassion) approach to Ramon and so I was resolved to take a look at what Ramon was packing myself.  So I went ahead and broke Ramon down by minutes played and starter/bench as follows:

- 0 to 15 MPG
- 15 to 20 MPG
- 20 to 25 MPG
- 250 to 30 MPG
- 30+ MPG
- Total
- Starter/Bench

More in a second.





Ramon Sessions Game Averages by Minutes PlayedRsallstatsbympg_medium


So its pretty easy to see that as Ramon's MPG go up, his stats do too (genius I say!).  I figured a more fair way to look at where Ramon was at his best was to base everything off of per 36:

Ramon Sessions Per 36 Stats by Minutes Played


When we look at everything adjusted to per 36, Ramon still plays significantly better averaging per 36 highs in points and assists.  He also shoots his best from the line and the field playing 30+ minutes per game:

Ramon Sessions FG% by Minutes PlayedRsshootingbympg_medium

You'll notice I didn't spend much time discussing Ramon's play as a starter vs. coming off the bench.  That is simply because I didn't see a significant difference in statistics between the two scenarios.  At the end of all this though, I realized that I'd need to do at least one more player to see how Ramon's "statistics"compared.  

I know Gulks and a few others feel Bynum could be a serviceable and much cheaper starting point guard and for more or less the same skill set as Stuckey, but would consistent, extended minutes really get better production out of Bynum?  More on that in a second (most likely tomorrow though).

Now your thoughts.

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