Will Bynum by the Numbers (MPG Analysis)

Earlier today, I posted a by the numbers feature on Ramon Sessions.  MFMP and the DBB collective previously hypothesized that with the more minutes Ramon receives, the more effective he becomes.  While I didn't delve into calculating TFG% or eFG% and am not even going to pretend that I care or even want to try and understand Hollinger's PER calculation ( does he come up with this stuff?), I felt that a simple way of looking at this would be to take his minutes and break them down by MPG in 5 minute intervals starting with 0 to 15 and ending with 30+ MPG.  In case you missed it directly above this link on the sidebar, here is that analysis.

Essentially, what I concluded (and would encourage you to take a look and draw your own conclusions) was that Ramon does in fact become more efficient as he gains playing time as his points and assists per 36 are at their highest in the 25-30 and 30+ MPG splits.  Additionally, his FG% and FT% are at their highest in these same splits.  But ultimately, what good is the analysis if you have nothing to compare it to?  So this afternoon, I opted to look at a PG who is also near and dear to our hearts and one that a few of you feel could carry the load of starting PG as a cheaper solution to re-signing Stuckey (ie - a massive mistake).

More in a second.

So do we find the same build up with Bynum that we see with Ramon?  First the all-up stats without per 36 adjustment:

Will Bynum Averages by Minutes Per Game



So we see the same significant increase in points and assists with Will that we saw with Ramon.  Still just a duh moment though as one would expect stats to go up as time on the court went up.  So how does it look when adjusted to per 36:

Will Bynum Per 36 Averages by Minutes Per Game


When adjusted to per 36, we actually see something quite different from Ramon.  While Will sees his best scoring output at 25-30 MPG, he actually sees his worst assist output at 30+ and 2nd worst at 25-30 MPG.  His steals, and rebounds are also at their worst when playing 30+ MPG.  So can we conclude that Will's minutes should be restricted to that of a 6th or 7th man?  Not necessarily.  I think it's easy to look at these stats and come to this conclusion but unlike Ramon, Will has gotten even less of an opportunity to show what he can do with starter minutes logging only 23 starts out of 178 games vs. 81 starts out of 236 games for Ramon.  Furthermore Will's total sample size is somewhat smaller but especially smaller for the MPG in the 25-30 and 30+ ranges (Bynum has tallied 50 games of 25+ MPG vs. Ramon's 113)

So what should we conclude from all this?  Who knows.  The only conclusion I can draw out of all this is that Ramon is certainly more effective in longer minutes than Bynum and the idea that Bynum could maintain his relative efficiency playing longer minutes for our team as a starting PG may not actually pan out.  

Now your thoughts.

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