Easy Fix or is that MFE-ZFIX?

  I know there has been nothing discussed except for how the Pistons can get this Engine running again.  But, I'm going to throw my two bronze Abe Linc's into the mix.  So, it's up to you, you can enjoy or you can just sit there and wait, cuz this is what's going to happen.

The Dynamics of the NBA have changed.  Historians have said that it's unclear when this change came about, but many Conspiracy Theorists point to the Oscar Snubs of 1993's "Malcolm X," in which a year later a mysterious figure, Timothy Donaghy, joined the NBA Official Ranks.

 I'm not here to convince you of lame Conspiracy Theories, but OMG, check this out....








Both Movies are Spiz'ike Lee joints.  Both Movies staring Denzel Washington.  There is something much deeper here, CAN YOU SPOT IT?


Back to the subject matter at hand here.


What can the Pistons do to right the Ship? 


After scanning around the league and spending the last 3 decades scouting, reviewing tape, charting, graphing, drinking delicious Apple-Grape Juice, I have come up with this solution.


  • The Pistons need a Point Guard who can create for himself, not his teammates.  It makes so much sense, if you look at all the elite PG's in the game, without evidence, you can obviously see that PG's ability to create for their Teammates has become obsolete. Check out this quote from Kobe: 
I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot.

I know he's not a PG, but nowhere does it say anything about creating opportunities for his teammates.  And, this is suppose to be a quote about teammates.

  • Shooting Guards need not Shoot, for their craft now is to slash.  The only thing they really need to shoot is Free Throws.  Because, if they look cool doing it or have mad "Swagger," they are getting to the Free Throw line.  If the Pistons can get their hands on one of these types of players (maybe they have one on the team?  Stuck?), they could be on their way
  • On to Small Forward, the 3 has to be able to post up his man, it's essential in keeping fluidity within an offense, because somebody has to be in the paint, you'll see why I say that in a min.
  • Power Forwards should lack Power, they should be big, 7 foot, 3 point shooters.  Somebody has to keep the Defense honest.  These players nee to go through a school for flopping, followed by a class of "Tough Management," to help these players regulate their toughness and make it easier on the Refs to call fouls.  I believe Pau and Dirk have teamed up to teach these types of seminars in the summer months.
  • Last but not least, Center.  Todays Center has to be able to play 23-25 ft away from the basket.  He is the pick setter.  The self-creating PG's best friend.  If your Center can set effective picks followed by a roll, he could possibly get an offensive rebound from the PG's wild shot.

I left defense for another post.  Sometime later on....

This is my take, I know I jacked up the Bullet Points, but I did my best.  And the Jury says....

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