Favorite Playoff Comments from ESPN

Alternate title:  "Why DBB is the Best Source of Basketball Related Thought"

Looks like a poor mans steve nash. Without the passing ability.

My lakers are going all the way!

... but as an NBA fan and someone who is played ball in college...

I gotta say this... It kills me to, but... what I'm getting at is... ***** is not even close to...

So when Dirk gets fouled its WNBA but in 2006...

I didn't say anything about 2006, or Wade. What I said was...

Who are you?  Oh yeah.  Just a guy on the internet.

...and really a classy thing to mention Kobe raping young italina village girls... I wish to see used as bullet proof vests for our young and brave soldiers so they come home safe. You are a disgrace of an American.

If so, you were (and probably continue to be) a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan, which probably explains your hatred of the Bulls and negativity about life in general...

... Remember that D-rose is a point guard so his shooting percentage is supposed to be low. 

My suggestion is you focus more of your efforts on identifying more spelling and grammatical errors instead of formulating a basketball argument.

I saw him say it on camera when it happend wasn't sure if anyone caught it but I guess they did.

Oh man I dont understand why calling a faq is a slur. I mean gay people are little ballerina faqs. Im sick of the PC in the todays world. the words you can say 20 years ago brings out the little cry baby ??l?t?c?h?e?s. If you dont want to be called a ?aq then stop spreading the HIV/AIDS virus around you nancy boys. Im sick of the wussification and the faqqotization of America.

Heat in 5!  

By Rick Reilly



Denver vs. Los Angeles



Los Angeles vs. Chicago

John Hollinger has the Heat beating the Lakers for the NBA Title.

By Henry Abbott

The TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown features eight participants. 

Two pick the Mavericks to win the 2011 NBA Finals -- the other six pick the Heat. 

But know how many of those quant analysts expect the Mavericks to win? 

Zero. Nada. Nilch. Not even one. 

One of those two picks, you see, was from my mom, who is not a quant, but is a Blazers fan who knows well the power of the Mavericks. 

The other pick is from Benjamin Morris, who writes: "The Heat have a better record, home-court advantage, a better MOV (margin of victory), better SRS (Simple Rating System), more star power, more championship experience, and had a tougher road to the Finals. Plus Miami's poor early-season performance can be fairly discounted, and it has important players back from injury. Thus, my model heavily favors Miami in five or six games." 


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