Offseason moves to get us back to the top!


Time to put our recent success where it belongs, in the past.  Joe D is holding on to 2 many pieces from the ’04 championship team, and the team is suffering.  This is what our roster looks like at the moment.  We have a lot of good pieces, I think with a couple moves in the offseason, we can easily be a playoff contender in the east next season.

Pistons Roster

PG – Brandon Knight, Tracy McGrady(UFA), Will Bynum,

SG – Rodney Stuckey(RFA), Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton, Terrico White

SF – Tayshaun Prince, Jonas Jerebko(RFA),  Austin Daye, Kyle Singler, Dajuan Summers(RFA)

PF – Greg Monroe , Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell, Vernon Macklin

C – Ben Wallace

Currently he have a log jam at the SF/SG and not enough (impactful) bigs.  I’m not particularly happy with last night’s draft, but I won’t give the pistons an F because we have no idea how good or bad Knight will be.  He is a hard-working kid with good size/shooting skills.  He will need time to develop into a impactful PG.  I believe he will get better with time.  Kyle Singler and Vernon Macklin are just depth players that aren’t very good.  Singler Regressed and Macklin is already 24, both have basically met their ceilings.  I was really hoping that we would land Benson. 

Offseason Moves

Re-sign Jonas long term – Easy move here, Good hustle player that plays good defense.  He is very versatile, can play 3 positions.  I read that he has put on weight, but is still moving well after injury.


Re-sign T-mac to a 2 year contract – I was unsure about the T-mac signing last off-season, but I’m glad Joe D made the move.  He is a good veteran presence that can help the younger players. 


Re-sign Stuckey long term – I still think Stuckey is a good offensive player.  I think he would be better playing off the ball though.  From what I hear, Joe D will bring him back. 


Re-sign Summers – Adds depth, I still think he has a lot of potential. 


Sign and trade Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon to Utah Jazz for Al Jefferson and 2nd round pick

Since pistons have a log jam in the backcourt and Utah has a log jam upfront, they are perfect trading partners IMO.  Jazz get a versatile defender in Prince and instant offense in BG.  Drafting Enes Kanter and trading for Derrick Favors makes Jefferson expendable.  Jefferson is a 20-10 guy that will fit perfectly with Greg Monroe in the front court.   I would hate to see the Prince leave the palace, but it’s a win-win for both teams.  If they want a first rounder, it’s a no go.  The draft is too loaded next year. 


Trade Charlie Villanueva, 2nd rounder for Greg Oden and 1st rounder. 

Low risk, high reward here.  Portland gets a versatile offensive threat in Charlie V.  Oden has shown signs of greatness, maybe he can learn how to deal with his injuries by working with T-Mac.  I think it’s a move we can make to add some depth to the frontcourt.  Oden will have less pressure to be a superstar and could be a productive role player like Tyson Chandler, but with a better offensive game.  


Sign Michael Redd – Another Low Risk, high reward move.  He is a good veteran presence.  Will more than make up for Gordon/Hamilton’s offensive production. 


Buyout Rip – I looked so desperately for possible trade situations for Rip, but I Don’t see any team willing to take on his contract.  Time to cut our losses and move on.  We need to give more playing time to Stuck, B. Knight, and Terrico White. 


New Roster

PG – Will Bynum, Brandon Knight, Tracy McGrady

SG –  Michael Redd, Rodney Stuckey, Terrico White

SF – Jonas Jerebko,  Austin Daye, Kyle Singler, Dajuan Summers(RFA)

PF – Greg Monroe,  Jason Maxiell

C – Al Jefferson, Ben Wallace, Greg Oden


I think this roster will be a good defensive team with good offensive balance under the right coach.  I’m hoping we sign Lawrence Frank or Jeff Van Gundy.  Feel free to tear this apart/present different ideas.  I wanna hear what DBB has to say.  I’m excited about the future of DEEEEtroit sports, and you should be too.  Pistons/Lions/Wings will all win Championships in the next 5 years!!!  (Tigers not so much, still have a lot of work to do lol)  Hope you enjoyed this year, Take Care DBB.

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