Let the games begin! Summer Trade Discussion 1.0

While I generally loathe everything Sacramento has done to us in the past two years (I may be overstating that just a bit), one thing I've always enjoyed over at SacTown Royalty is their weekly asinine trade threads which serve to fill the void of no basketball and no summer league make homer go something something...

Go...crazy? DON'T MIND IF I DO!!!! In all seriousness, I'm creating this thread because we're all waiting for JoD to do something, even more so since he effectively did nothing to immediately improve this team (endless arguments regarding Knight aside) or its unbalanced roster.

So let's use this thread to post any and all trade ideas. Just a few caveats though to make sure we don't get the more recent un-focused, grammatically incorrect, sentiments we've seen in the past 24 hours.

1) The trade MUST work from a cap perspective. Please do your homework before proposing a trade. Personally, I prefer RealGM's trade checker but ESPN also has one.

2) Make no assumptions about the CBA process. While this thread will thrive off of hypothetical scenarios, I'd like to keep them in check. Basing a trade off an assumption that salaries will be cut heavily or that we'll have some magical wand we can wave to remove any or all of the egregious mistakes JoD has made in the past 3 years does not particularly interest me (I'm looking at you Mike Payne...but only because you have beautiful eyes).

ESPN Trade Machine
Real GM Trade Checker
ShamSports (awesome place to check up on depth charts and salary information including player options, team options, etc. It also features a random quote generator with some classic NBA quotes from throughout the ages)

I'll go ahead and kick things off...

Richard Hamilton
Rights to Kyle Singler
Future 2nd round draft pick

to Utah for Al Jefferson

Why we do it: If anyone disagrees with getting rid of a guard and the toughest SF in the draft for a Center under contract for 2 more years, I'd love to hear their reasoning...

Why Utah does it: Utah just drafted Alec Burks at 12 in hopes of shoring up their SG position but at this point they're starting Raja Bell and CJ Miles is a restricted free agent that someone is likely to make a play for. With AK47 potentially on his way out, and Gordon Hayward as the only SF on the squad, giving Singler up is the icing on the cake for Utah (they do love their white dudes...)

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