What should Brandon Knight's nickname be?

I noticed in a previous post that there are some great nickname suggestions for Brandon Knight and those of us who have joined the Brand-wagon. Yeah, Brand-wagon is not a good one. It sounds like something the Gap, Walmart, or Lebron James would have you buy into. Don't do that! Let's just try to figure out what to call our "Mini-Moose." Yeah, I went there. It's fun.

The first two suggestions had the most recs, and the third is my take on the amazing "Oath of the Knight's Watch" comment, which was just brilliant and bears repeating:

The oath of the Knight's Watch

Knight has been drafted, and now our watch begins. It shall not end until our death. We shall ignore our wives, neglect our lands, father children only during half time. We shall wear many crowns and win much glory. We shall live and die with every jump shot. We are the daggers from deep. We are the watchers of the games. We are the fire that should have burned inside Rodney Stuckey, the franchise player that brings the dawn, the horn that signals a Pistons win, the shield that guards the painted area. We pledge our lives* and honor to the Knight’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

by Trysdor on Jun 26, 2011 7:06 PM PDT 10 recs

* slight correction

Honestly, I'd kind of like to hear Mason belt out, "Brandon Oh-What-A Knight." Just saying. Mason is a factor.

1) Brandon "Knight Rider" Knight


2) Brandon "Knight Man" Knight (Joining with the Daye Man)Daymannightman1_medium

3a) Brandon "Knight who says Ni" Knight & his Knights of the Round Ball

3b) Brandon "The Dragon Slayer" Knight & the Knights who say No Free Chili.


4) Brandon "Oh-What-A" Knight


Honorable mentions:

5) Brandon "Starry" Knight

6) Brandon "Oh Holy" Knight

7) Brandon " Luck Be a Lady To" Knight

8) Brandon "No More Lonely" Knight(s)

9) Brandon 'The Freaks Come Out At" Knight

10) Brandon "Talladega" Knight

11) Brandon "Gonna Get Some To" Knight

I'm a Detroit jazz keyboardist, so if you don't serve up some variations on these themes, I'll literally boo you when I meet you, whenever and where ever that may be, but hopefully at your place of work (musician's revenge). Also, if you come up with something better and funnier than these, I will applaud and cheer (rec) your performance like an old dude in a tux at Baker's Keyboard Lounge would during a melodic upright bass solo over Giant Steps. Don't test me. Both of these can be either glorious or horrific. Please, just tell me how you feel about this very serious subject which could occupy many days of my spare time (photoshopping) for years to come.

Side Notes:

  • Our Rookies definitely need some new press shots, hopefully as handsome as Jonas and the Moose's were.
  • Trying to find a fierce picture of Ben Wallace is like trying to find porn on the internet. Not a problem. Finding your favorite? Could develop into a long project.
  • All of you new bucks at DBB need to respect all these cats here that got it started and kept it going long before we got here, even when the most we could look forward to was a 11 and 10 game from our best player. This is not the band wagon. Au contraire, these are the dues. Sing them with me. Like a lady sings the blues.

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