Off Topic Thread, Week of 1/23/12: Your Pet Team Edition

Last year, MFMP put up this thread, detailing the other teams in the NBA he'd be following and posing that question to the rest of DBB. Buffoonery ensued, but what would you expect from Detroit's Bad Buffoons weblog?

Even though we're already a quarter of the way through the season, I thought it could still be a fun discussion. Who are your pet teams this year (assuming you have one)?

And this time, let's have a friendly conversation. Hopefully, we can simply preempt questioning people's loyalty to the Pistons simply because they follow other NBA teams by simply stating that we all love basketball and the NBA. As fans of the game, it's perfectly understandable for us to gravitate toward teams who play the game in the ways we like to see it played (especially when our own team only manages to do this once every 14 games or so). Cool?

I'll go with the obvious and say the Clippers for reasons everyone will already know. DBB-favorite DeAndre Jordan plays like a Piston and is an excellent paring for Blake Griffin. Billups is on the decline, but he's still plays an important role and hits big shots. I hope they find a way to keep CP3 and build around Jordon, Griffin, and Paul. Lob City should live longer than just one year.

The Nuggets remain a pet team, even sans Billups. They are built similarly to the Going to Work Pistons, in that they lack a true superstar and instead are simply a collection of good players who are buying into the team concept and reaping the rewards of doing so.

Out East, I'm not really pulling for anyone in particular. Anyone who plays Miami is worth cheering for, amirite?

Maybe some will be pulling for Philly, and I get that. They can challenge Miami, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters to most, including me. A Playoff upset would EPIC.

As Judas-y as it feels, I guess I'm sort of hoping Chicago keeps playing well, because I think they are the other team out East that can beat Miami. Mind you, I will only cheer for them in a Playoff match up against Miami.

The Knicks are my anti-pet team, in that it's fun to see the hilarity that is the inevitable result of building around Stoudamire and Melo. For an advanced metrics guy like me, their sub-.500 performance since the Melo trade isn't at all surprising. Which makes all of the hub bub about "chemistry" and coaching that much more hilarious. (Post injury) Stoudamire and Melo are fool's gold, in my view, and while I'm not necessarily rooting for them to fail, it's a little rewarding to see the record match the projections we statheads who don't watch the games made.

I am rooting for the C's to fail, and it's pretty awesome they are, no? Rajon Rando is the exception. I love the way that dude plays, and I love that his play this year remains exceptional. I've had enough of the narrative that gives all the credit for his success to his really good teammates. His performance this year ought to debunk that nonsense.

Enough about me. What about you? Who are you pulling for (at least when they aren't playing the 'Stons)?

There's more randomness after the jump if you cheer for the Pistons and only the Pistons.

As I write this, it is 43 degrees and raining in Michigan... and it's the latter half of January. Someone call Al Gore.

I'm wearing a $90 sweater that I got for $12 at Younker's. Anyone else get any cool post-holiday bargains?

I really like Sketcher's. I find them stylish and comfortable.

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