London game will allow Swedish fans a chance to see Jerebko play in person

I must admit that while I quickly latched onto the Big Ben link between the Detroit Pistons and London, England, where the team will play a regular-season game Jan. 17 against the New York Knicks, I failed to see the other big connection.

Jonas Jerebko, all around bad ass and the only Swede in the NBA, is about to play a hell of a lot closer to home. Like more than 2,000 miles closer as the crow flies.

So let's say you're a Jerebko fan and you want to go to the game. You're in luck, roundtrip airfare is only going to set you back around $238 bucks. But what if you have a fear of flying? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

This route has tolls. This route includes a ferry. This route includes a car transport. This route crosses through multiple countries. This route has restricted usage or private roads.

Kinna Sweden
1. Head south on Lärkgatan towardPrästgatan
48 m
2. Turn left onto Prästgatan
190 m
3. Turn right onto Boråsvägen
79 m
4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit ontoNya Kinnavägen
750 m
5. Turn left onto Lyddevägen
100 m
6. Turn right to merge onto Route 41 towardVarberg Go through 1 roundabout
38.2 km
7. Turn left to stay on Route 41
20 m
8. Take the 1st right onto Viskastigen/Route 41 Continue to follow Route 41 Go through 1 roundabout
10.6 km
9. Turn left to stay on Route 41
26 m
10. Turn right to merge onto E20/E6 towardMalmö Continue to follow E20 Partial toll road Entering Denmark
224 km
11. Continue onto E20 Partial toll road
53.9 km
12. Slight right onto E55
77.3 km
13. Continue onto E47
44.1 km
14. Take the Rødby, DK - Puttgarden, DE/E47 ferry Toll road Entering Germany
18.7 km
15. Continue straight onto B207
25.0 km
16. Continue onto A1
401 km
17. At the interchange 78-Kreuz Münster-Süd, keep right and follow signs for A43toward Recklinghausen/Dülmen
56.0 km
18. At the interchange 12-Kreuz Recklinghausen, keep right and follow signs for A2 toward Oberhausen
25.4 km
19. Continue onto E34
1.9 km
20. Continue onto A3
10.6 km
21. At the interchange 14-Kreuz Kaiserberg, keep right and follow signs forA40 toward Venlo/Duisburg Entering Netherlands
43.7 km
22. Continue onto A67
55.4 km
23. Slight right onto A67/E34 (signs forAntwerpen/Eersel) Entering Belgium
19.4 km
24. Continue onto E34
48.1 km
25. Merge onto E313
8.9 km
26. Continue onto E34
4.2 km
27. Slight left to stay on E34 (signs for Ring Antwerpen/Brugge/Gent/Haven 1000-2000)
5.5 km
28. At the interchange Antwerpen- West, keep left and follow signs for E17 towardGent/Sint-Niklaas
49.0 km
29. At the interchange Gent-Centrum, keep right and follow signs for E40 towardOostende
51.7 km
30. Slight left onto A18/E40 Entering France
41.7 km
31. Continue onto A16 Speed camera in 13.5 km
56.4 km
32. Take exit 42b toward E15
850 m
33. Continue straight
500 m
34. Continue straight onto Le Tunnel
1.3 km
35. Turn right
32 m
36. Turn left
140 m
37. Take the 1st right
120 m
38. Take the train
96 m
39. Take the train to Fréthun
350 m
40. Take the train to Folkestone Entering United Kingdom (England)
53.4 km
41. Take the train
350 m
42. Continue straight
2.6 km
43. Keep right at the fork, follow signs forLondon/Ashford/M20 and merge onto M20
77.9 km
44. Continue onto A20 Go through 1 roundabout
14.1 km
45. Continue onto Kidbrooke Park Rd/A2213 Continue to follow A2213
1.3 km
46. Continue onto A2
1.4 km
47. Continue onto A102
2.1 km
48. Take the exit toward Greenwich Peninsula
180 m
49. Turn right onto Blackwall Ln/A2203
240 m
50. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit ontoMillennium Way
1.1 km
51. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit
180 m
52. Sharp right Restricted usage road Destination will be on the left
350 m
Gaucho London United Kingdom

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