Game Takeaways: 10/31 vs. Houston Rockets (L, 105-96)


Ok, so the first game of the 2012-13 season is in the books for the Detroit Pistons. Sadly, it ended up being a loss. However, I wanted to try and start a series, something I hope to do the day after each game, where we can discuss what we took from each game. Now, I know each game is a small sample size (so saying things like Drummond is a bust after a 2/2/2/1 performance would be stupid), but it may allow us to see some areas of improvement. There may be times when I can't do a write-up (more than likely on weekends), but I'll do what I can (unless y'all tell me it's a waste of time and pointless, then I'll stop). First up, the box score.

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 TOT
Houston 27 28 17 33 105
Detroit 22 36 23 15 96

Houston Rockets

C. Parsons 42:26 3-9 1-4 4-5 +9 2 5 7 6 3 0 3 0 2 11
M. Morris 25:36 3-10 0-2 0-0 -3 4 3 7 1 3 0 2 0 1 6
O. Asik 33:02 5-6 0-0 2-6 +3 2 7 9 0 2 1 3 2 0 12
J. Harden 44:04 14-25 4-10 5-6 +18 1 5 6 12 2 4 4 1 0 37
J. Lin 35:27 5-12 0-2 2-2 +23 0 4 4 8 4 4 4 0 0 12
C. Delfino 23:56 5-6 5-6 0-0 +8 1 6 7 0 3 1 3 0 0 15
G. Smith 17:02 4-4 0-0 2-2 +4 2 3 5 0 5 2 0 0 0 10
T. Douglas 12:33 0-5 0-2 2-2 -14 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 2
D. Cook 05:54 0-2 0-1 0-0 -3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0
Totals 240 39-79 10-27 17-23 12 33 45 28 24 12 20 3 4 105
49.4% 37.0% 73.9% TEAM REBS: 8 TOTAL TO: 20

Detroit Pistons

T. Prince 32:22 4-9 0-1 4-4 -8 0 4 4 1 0 1 1 0 0 12 +12.00
J. Maxiell 24:00 4-7 0-0 2-2 +4 4 4 8 0 2 0 2 2 0 10 +15.00
G. Monroe 35:07 7-13 0-0 0-3 -9 2 6 8 4 4 3 4 0 0 14 +16.00
R. Stuckey 36:47 1-10 0-3 7-8 -19 0 2 2 6 0 1 0 0 0 9 +8.00
B. Knight 36:45 5-15 1-4 4-6 -12 0 4 4 4 0 1 2 0 2 15 +10.00
K. English 13:47 3-6 2-4 0-0 +8 0 0 0 3 1 2 1 0 1 8 +9.00
J. Jerebko 19:32 2-7 0-1 3-3 -10 4 0 4 1 2 1 0 0 0 7 +8.00
K. Singler 15:38 4-5 2-2 0-0 -1 0 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 0 10 +11.00
W. Bynum 13:09 4-6 1-1 0-0 +2 0 2 2 2 4 1 3 0 0 9 +9.00
A. Drummond 12:53 1-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 2 2 0 2 2 2 1 0 2 +5.00
Totals 240 35-79 6-16 20-26 10 26 36 21 15 12 16 4 3 96
44.3% 37.5% 76.9% TEAM REBS: 7 TOTAl TO: 16

My Analysis of the Box Score


  • 3P%
  • FT%
  • FTM
  • FTA
  • PF
  • TO
  • BS


  • FG%
  • FGM
  • 3PM
  • 3PA
  • OFF
  • DEF
  • TOT
  • AST
  • PTS

Box Score Insights

I'm going to compare the first game (admittedly against not one of the better teams) to the Pistons season averages from last year. We shot better from everywhere on the court (FG% 43.8% -> 44.3%, 3P% 34.6% -> 37.5%, FT% 75.2% -> 76.9%). We had 4 fewer rebounds than we averaged last year, 3 more assists, 5 fewer PF, and almost identical blocks and TO. We did score 6 more points than we averaged last year. Again, a one game sample size isn't much, but that is improved over last year, let's see if we can keep it up.

I was looking to see if I could find a quarter break-down similar to the stats gives, but I couldn't find it. I wanted to see who was utilized what percentage in each quarter and their contributions each quarter so we could determine who's responsible for the 36 point quarter and who's responsible for the 15 point quarter. (Though, this may be adequate.)

My Thoughts on Individual Performances

Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun wasn't bad. However, based on his contract, you'd expect more. The only person with a lower USG% (16.4%) was Drummond (10.5%), and yet he still managed to be our 5th best ORtg player. He had a low TOV% (the lowest other than Stuckey and Jerebko who didn't have any TO), but a very low AST%. There was one play where he allowed Harden to blow right by him and it resulted in a Monroe foul. He missed a pretty easy dunk (no ups, blocked by rim). Had great hustle on multiple plays (saving balls going out of bounds). Hit multiple shots at the end of the shot clock, after not doing an Isolayshaun play (I think I only counted one Isolayshaun in the game). So, it was an alright game. But nothing that makes me think he should stay.

Jason Maxiell

I'll take games like this from him every game, though I prefer them from the bench. Everything from him (DRtg, ORtg, TS%, etc.) seems to be in line with what a backup PF should provide on 24 minutes of playing time. He was also very aggressive on the boards and had great energy throughout the game. And at least two great dunks (to my recollection).

Greg Monroe

He had an alright game, but I kind of expect more from him. His ORtg should be much higher, but his DRtg was one of the best (though still horrible). His USG% needs to be higher, but his TOV% is way too high. Because of his missed free throws, bis TS% was 4th worst on the team. He missed his first shot, a lefty hook (Prince was in the way). Fouled Harden after he got passed Prince, but should have fouled him better; seemed like a sloppy foul as compared to one where he made a better attempt at blocking the ball. Monroe needs to keeps his hands away from his sides (get your hands in the passing lanes more). Nice 18 foot shot. Had an open shot from inside 18, something he's been working on, but decided to try and dribble to get closer for a layup (missed it). I love Monroe, and he had an alright game, but I just expect (want) more from him.

Rodney Stuckey

DRtg WAY TOO HIGH!!!!!!!! But we knew that. There really isn't much I can say about Stuckey's game in a positive light other than 6 AST and 0 TO. Missed first shot (contested layup). Missed multiple very easy lay-ins. His heave at the end of the quarter shouldn't fully count as a missed shot. His shot seemed short all night.

Brandon Knight

Our second worst defender of the night (surprisingly Jerebko had the same DRtg), but as with Stuckey, we knew this. It honestly seemed to be a typical (average according to last year) night from Knight. Seems to think that just because he's around the rim he can lay it in from anywhere. Threw up a very ill-advised three pointer on a fast break. Had to force shot because of sloppy team play, barely got shot off, so maybe he should only be 5-14. Either way, just bad.

Kim English

What can I say, FGOTB!!!! Second best DRtg on the team (behind Drummond), second highest ORtg (behind Singler), decent usage and AST%, and a eFG%/TS% of 66.7%. Great debut. Though there were some issues. Started running down the court after Tayshaun shot rather than running in for rebound (don't ever assume Tayshaun's shot is going in, you'll get many rebounds otherwise). Loved his confidence, didn't seem afraid to take a shot. Great defensive effort on Harden. Though it didn't work out, English handled the ball well and made a good drive as the shot clock was going down. May not be big enough to adequately guard SF. He seemed to try too hard towards the end of the game.

Jonas Jerebko

Surprisingly he had a the second worst DRtg, but the third best ORtg. I think that was because of his O boards honestly. Also surprisingly, he had the worst TS% and eFG% of everyone on the Pistons. Like the denying of the in-bounds pass at the end of the first after the made free throw. Amazing behind the back pass after the O-board. Eh, so so performance from Jerebko.

Kyle Singler

Didn't have a great DRtg, but had the best ORtg. His (and Drummond's) TS% and eFG% were 100%. In the right place at the right time. Great at closing out on the perimeter. Very lazy in-bounds pass. Great transition defense at end of 3rd quarter.

Will Bynum

Very happy with Will's performance. Third best DRtg, not a great ORtg (never will be). Aside from his TO, everything else was a plus. Very energetic, seemed to not be as "wild" as he's been known to be.

Andre Drummond

While I know/knew there will/would be games like this, I didn't fully expect it against this lineup. But then again, I expected him to get a little more burn. He had our best DRtg (low minutes, 2 steals and 1 block will do that). He also had our worst ORtg (though I'm sure non of us really care about that right now). Looked like he wasn't sure where he should be at any point, defense or offense. Definitely needs to learn to box out (didn't even try to back someone down for a rebound and there was plenty of room to do it). Was aggressive on the boards though (for the time he was in). Seems to want to guard whoever has the ball. Seemed to have some frustration fouls.

My Thoughts on the Team's Performance

For a minute there in the beginning, it looked like they played a zone defense. It also appears, as it did last year, that there is no interior defense (when Drummond isn't in there). Nobody steps in front of anyone (fear of fouls, too slow or out of position?). Attempted too many "floaters" which resulted in missed shots (Stuckey, Knight, Jerebko, etc.). Quite a few poor passes. Second unit seemed more engaged in staying in front of their person. No transition D. Four players around Morris and he gets an O-board and the put back. Need to work on pick and roll defense. Finished the first half pretty good with all starters...but Stuckey (English did great). Bad body language when Houston scores and cuts the lead or takes the lead; don't see the determination our older teams had to get back in the game (due to a young team?). Only really saw one good play execution. Not sure if it was great hustle or sloppy play, but it seemed like a lot of players spent significant time on the floor, literally.

Game Summary

While I thought there was a chance for us to win this game, it was more because I was expecting there to be chemistry issues on Houston's side having just brought in Harden and him not knowing the plays. I didn't expect them to be as cohesive as they did, Harden to go off like he did, Delfino to hit 5 3's, Lin to have a semi-efficient game, and other things. The Pistons weren't bad until the fourth quarter. I'm not sure if they were just tired (all starters but Maxiell with 32+ minutes) or if Houston was just playing that well (more than likely), but for the first three quarters, the Pistons played solidly. Here's to hoping that they get on track soon (probably won't happen until after this road trip).

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