...and then the veterans take shots at the coaching

We've seen this before:

But Tayshaun Prince openly wondered afterward why Frank didn’t respond quicker with substitutions when it was obvious Prince and the rest of the starting five didn’t have it.

"If I was coach, I would have made the decision sooner than what he did," Prince said in the Amway Center visitors’ locker room. Know what I mean?

"6-0 run, call time-out. Bam, bam and we come back out and nothing happens the second time. Bam," Prince said while snapping his fingers for emphasis.
..."Hey, sometimes you got to make a choice," Prince said of the need for change early in the third quarter. "I think it was too long, but a 17-0 run or whatever it was.
"The third quarter our offense was just so bad. It had nothing to do with the defensive side and what they were getting I think our offense was just bad." - Vince Ellis, Freep

My thoughts on this are as follows...

a) Tayshaun does not have the right to talk about the coaching. I mean seriously, he is mad that the coach didn't bench him. Know when to shut your mouth. Ass.

b) This goes all the way back to Flip Saunders, it's the same symptom of the same disease. This isn't high character, this isn't veteran leadership, this is the kind of shit that Moose is going to walkaway from if he could (and Stuckey would have if any team wanted him).

c) On some level, I wonder if Stuckey moving into the second lineup was the swipe taken at Larry Frank's coaching.

d) The obvious. 4 coaches, 4 times players openly question the coaches leadership. We get worse every season. Dumars is not doing his job, simple and plain. Worse, the things that he emphasizes most, having high character guys, continues to produce an atmosphere where players think they have the right to play terribly, and then take shots at coaching off the court after the game. If this quote is disturbing to you, then you are on the fire Joe Dumars bandwagon.

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