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Ok, this may be a bit of an over-reaction, and Tad already posted an article expressing his discontent with the reaction of Prince about Lawrence Franks' coaching, but I'm going to plow into this too. So what is going on?! How can you let a team go on a 21-0 run without calling a time out, or without substituting anyone? It's amazing, it's stupid, it's simply unbelievable!

Don't you try to break the momentum of the other team? Don't you talk to your players to find out what they think is happening, or tell them what you think is happening? Don't you try some change to the mix after a 10-0 run? What was Franks thinking?

Was Franks thinking? Is the emotional toll straining his ability to coach this team? New Jersey made a coaching change because of the historic losing streak he led them thru. Maybe it wasn't the streak though, as much as how he coached the team through the streak.

Tad makes the point that he hates to see players grouse about their coach, but who if not Prince can say anything? Prince is the veteran leader that is supposed to set an example, provide leadership, and stand up for what thinks is right. Perhaps he should have simply made his points to Franks in private, but don't the fans need to know that what they saw is being addressed or at least others share their concerns.

The 21-0 run was devastating. Even though the first team was in, I'd opt for at least one if not two substitutions to try to change it up a bit. Something wasn't working right. Something had to change.

Is it too early to call for the coach's head? Maybe. However, I also think this is a delicate situation where we need a coach that is able to really build the confidence and chemistry of this team. This is a complex mix to juggle, and I'm starting to wonder if Franks is up to the task.

We all have waited to see Drummond and Monroe play together. Why was this such a big deal to be unveiled so slowly? We haven't seen Kravtsov - was this a foolish move to add a player that took the place of Big Ben? Or, is it simply the failure of a coach to develop a young player and consider how to use him as part of the team's mix? Was Austin Daye a washout, or simply demoralized? Why is CV lingering around if when he's on the court most people call him broken? Why wasn't Stuckey considered as the team's sixth man option before he had to ask to be in this role? These are all signs that make me wonder whether Franks is one step behind rather than one step ahead.

Joe Dumars seems to be too much in the shadows too. Why isn't he talking about the player mix and rotations? Doesn't he have an opinion? Does he support the players that he has assembled, or stand in the wings and wait to see how badly Franks fails with them? These are trying times and stability can be achieved if the management of the team shows they are working to solve problems. Does Joe D think Franks is coaching the team well?

How Joe might answer this very pointed question, really defines how good a GM is. He could show concern. He could express confidence that there's some method that supports the decision. Or, he could support the players and indicate that the coach probably had too much confidence in the starters. Some answers, some expression I think is needed, because this issue has the potential to cripple the team, and potentially lead to major dissension.

Am I pouring fuel on the fire? Maybe, but I really can't believe any coach would let an opposing team make a 21-0 run without any stoppage of play, without any substitutions, and worse yet, I think it was a ghastly decision to pull all five players at once.

What do others think?

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