What stat (to this point) would be most important to you in determining the Pistons' roster?

Please know that I acknowledge there is more to setting up a roster than just stats. This is even more true if only looking at one stat as compared to a collection of stats. We've talked much this season about who should be in the rotation, starting lineup, etc. There's even been talk about shortening up the rotation. I'm all for shortening up the rotation to 8 players, but for this post, I'll shorten it to 9. What I'd like to do is take a look at some stats and see what our rotation would be like if we used just one stat at a time. Also, please note, that I know for some players the stats are lighter than others due to less burn, but since this isn't ever really going to happen, why not treat it all Fantasy Stats? I'll compare Per 36 stats (P36) as often as possible.

Points (PG vs. P36)

Obviously, this stat is a collection of multiple stats: FGA/M, FTA/M and 3PA/M. If we were to set our rotation to 9 players on who had the highest points PG/P36, it would look like:

PG Player PG Points P36 Player P36 Points
Greg Monroe 17.0 Austin Daye 24.0
Brandon Knight 12.7 Charlie Villanueva 20.4
Tayshaun Prince 11.9 Greg Monroe 18.1
Kyle Singler 9.8 Corey Maggette 14.5
Rodney Stuckey 9.4 Brandon Knight 14.4
Jason Maxiell 8.9 Will Bynum 14.1
Andre Drummond 6.2 Kyle Singler 13.9
Charlie Villanueva 6.0 Andre Drummond 13.6
Corey Maggette 5.9 Tayshaun Prince 13.3

If I had to choose between the PG lineup or the P36 lineup, I'd have to go with the PG lineup. Part of that is simply, well everyone can't play 36 minutes per game. But also, because of how light some stats are (Daye's and Villanueva's in particular), they aren't likely to put up those numbers right now. Villanueva is starting to try and make a case that he can, and he may (we can only hope for trade purposes), but we'll see how he continues.

Rebounds (PG vs. P36)

Well, this stat doesn't contribute to offense per se, and it is highly dependent upon the other team, and yours, missing shots, but it is a very valuable stat as we've seen this year.

PG Player PG Rebounds P36 Player P36 Rebounds
Greg Monroe 9.5 Andre Drummond 12.4
Jason Maxiell 6.0 Greg Monroe 10.1
Andre Drummond 5.7 Jason Maxiell 8.2
Tayshaun Prince 4.6 Charlie Villanueva 7.5
Brandon Knight 3.6 Austin Daye 7.2
Kyle Singler 3.2 Jonas Jerebko 6.2
Jonas Jerebko 2.9 Tayshaun Prince 5.1
Rodney Stuckey 2.6 Kyle Singler 4.5
Charlie Villanueva 2.2 Brandon Knight 4.1

Again, if I had to choose between the too, I'd likely go with the PG lineup. The only difference in the two lineups is Rodney Stuckey and Austin Daye. To me, Stuckey, though shorter, would be more likely to hustle down a rebound. But, I'll admit, I could be blinded by my dislike for Daye.

Assists (PG vs. P36)

Mostly a stat reserved for point guards and moosey type players. However, EVERYONE should be able to make an assist.

PG Player PG Assists P36 Player P36 Assists
Brandon Knight 5.8 Brandon Knight 6.6
Greg Monroe 3.7 Khris Middleton 6.0
Rodney Stuckey 3.4 Will Bynum 5.7
Tayshaun Prince 2.4 Rodney Stuckey 4.3
Will Bynum 2.4 Greg Monroe 3.9
Corey Maggette 1.3 Corey Maggette 3.2
Kyle Singler 0.9 Kim English 2.9
Charlie Villanueva 0.8 Charlie Villanueva 2.7
Kim English 0.86 Tayshaun Prince 2.7

If there was any stat that I'd look at indifferent to how much time a player can play, it might be this one. With that being the case though, I'd still rather take the PG lineup as I think Singler is getting more comfortable with his teammates and Middleton's stat is highly inflated. Otherwise, it's the same lineup.

Steals (PG vs. P36)

While I like this stat because it creates more possessions, I do not put much weight in this stat really.

PG Player PG Steals P36 Player P36 Steals
Greg Monroe 1.7 Khris Middleton 6.0
Jonas Jerebko 0.9 Jonas Jerebko 2.0
Andre Drummond 0.8 Greg Monroe 1.8
Khris Middleton 0.7 Andre Drummond 1.8
Will Bynum 0.6 Will Bynum 1.4
Tayshaun Prince 0.5 Charlie Villanueva 1.4
Charlie Villanueva 0.4 Kim English 1.2
Brandon Knight 0.3 Corey Maggette 0.7
Rodney Stuckey 0.3 Tayshaun Prince 0.6

For this stat, I'd actually probably go with the P36 lineup. Notice how our three best PG steals leaders are 6'10" and above and our two at the end are our guards? And notice how those two guards are not on the P36 list at all? But again, I don't put much weight on this stat.

Blocks (PG vs. P36)

I do put a lot of stock in this category. Now, I don't expect for the Pistons to find a player who can average better than 2 blocks per game.......wait. What? See below.

PG Player PG Blocks P36 Player P36 Blocks
Andre Drummond 1.2 Andre Drummond 2.6
Jason Maxiell 1.1 Jason Maxiell 1.5
Greg Monroe 0.9 Greg Monroe 0.9
Kyle Singler 0.7 Kyle Singler 0.9
Tayshaun Prince 0.3 Kim English 0.8
Jonas Jerebko 0.2 Corey Maggette 0.4
Rodney Stuckey 0.2 Tayshaun Prince 0.4
Kim English 0.2 Jonas Jerebko 0.3
Will Bynum 0.1 Will Bynum 0.3

Yeah, add this as fuel to the fire to get Andre more burn. The only difference between these two lineups is Stuckey vs. Maggette, and in that instance, I'd likely go with Maggette for veteran leadership.

Turnovers (PG vs. P36)

Again, a very important stat. However, this will probably be weighed in a way that shows a horrible lineup believe it or not.

PG Player PG Turnovers P36 Player P36 Turnovers
Austin Daye 0.0 Austin Daye 0.0
Khris Middleton 0.0 Khris Middleton 0.0
Charlie Villanueva 0.2 Charlie Villanueva 0.7
Kim English 0.4 Kyle Singler 1.1
Jonas Jerebko 0.7 Tayshaun Prince 1.4
Kyle Singler 0.8 Jonas Jerebko 1.5
Andre Drummond 0.9 Rodney Stuckey 1.7
Will Bynum 1.3 Kim English 1.7
Tayshaun Prince 1.3 Jason Maxiell 1.8

Let me start by saying I never want to see the Pistons with either of these lineups as their rotations, ever. Yes, Andre, Singler, English and Jerebko are good on the PG and all of them but Andre are on the P36 side, but that's it. But if I had to choose........I'd go PG since it's between Andre/Bynum and Stuckey/Maxiell. Andre out does anything Bynum f's up (and they had chemistry in the preseason) and Stuckey and Maxiell are mediocre players.

Personal Fouls (PG vs. P36)

I actually find this a very important stat. It can end up with a player getting a high quality shot, putting the team in the penalty or counting as a turnover.

PG Player PG Personal Fouls P36 Player P36 Personal Fouls
Austin Daye 0.3 Tayshaun Prince 0.8
Tayshaun Prince 0.7 Rodney Stuckey 1.7
Khris Middleton 0.7 Austin Daye 2.4
Kim English 0.9 Brandon Knight 2.6
Charlie Villanueva 1.0 Greg Monroe 2.8
Rodney Stuckey 1.4 Jason Maxiell 3.3
Will Bynum 2.0 Kim English 3.3
Jonas Jerebko 2.0 Charlie Villanueva 3.4
Andre Drummond 2.1 Kyle Singler 4.1

First off let me say that my biggest surprise is that Prince averages less than 1 foul per game. Either he's that smart defensively, or he is so used to having Rasheed and Ben behind him that he lets his man blow past him and then finds out that this is 2012-13 and he's letting his player get an easy shot at the rim. I think it's the latter, seeing his defensive rating and all. But if I had to choose a lineup from this, I'd likely go with the P36 lineup.

Field Goal Percentage

While this stat encompasses 3P% as well, since there is no designation for 2P% (wish there was), we'll have to use this as it.

Player FG%
Austin Daye 80.0%
Andre Drummond 57.1%
Kyle Singler 52.9%
Jason Maxiell 52.0%
Greg Monroe 48.1%
Tayshaun Prince 45.5%
Brandon Knight 42.7%
Charlie Villanueva 38.7%
Corey Maggette 38.7%

I'm not really seeing too much of a problem with this lineup. The way Stuckey has played some of the last few games, last night being a slight exception, I wouldn't mind substituting Daye for Stuckey and seeing what happens.

3-Point Percentage

I've always been a fan of the three point shot. It's also my favorite contest at the All-Star game. When I was younger, if the Pistons were losing, I'd calculate in my head how many 3's we needed to get back in the game, then hoped Terry Mills would just light it up. :)

Player 3P%
Andre Drummond 100.0%
Austin Daye 66.7%
Kyle Singler 47.1%
Kim English 46.7%
Brandon Knight 42.6%
Tayshaun Prince 38.5%
Corey Maggette 37.5%
Charlie Villanueva 35.3%
Rodney Stuckey 22.2%

Obviously, Andre's stat is bloated. But it would include him in the lineup, so I'll allow it. lol. I wouldn't mind this lineup too much, except for this would mean that our backup PFs would be Daye or Villanueva, and we know how we all feel about that.

Free Throw Percentage

To me, one of the most crucial stats in the game. They're free (unless you got hit hard, then you're paying for it) and they should be taken advantage of. They're easy to practice. You don't have to have someone with you to practice a free throw like you do a bumped layup drill, or a pick and pop, etc. This should be a focal point in free time practice.

Player FT%
Kim English 100.0%
Will Bynum 90.5%
Corey Maggette 82.4%
Tayshaun Prince 80.0%
Rodney Stuckey 78.7%
Kyle Singler 76.7%
Jonas Jerebko 73.7%
Brandon Knight 73.2%
Greg Monroe 71.4%

Sadly, but as expected, Andre wouldn't be in this lineup. And honestly, these percentages concern me. Two guards shooting under 80%? I thought naturally guards were better at FT than other players. I think everyone needs to be in line right behind Andre at the free throw practice and get them in.

Plus Minus

I like this stat, I do, but I think it favors the bench more often than it favors the starters. At least in the Pistons' case it does. Our starters aren't all starter quality except for Moose and MAYBE Knight. Singler is also making a strong case, but on most teams he'd be coming off the bench.

Player +/-
Austin Daye +16
Khris Middleton +7
Kyle Singler +6
Charlie Villanueva -4
Kim English -7
Jason Maxiell -13
Corey Maggette -14
Andre Drummond -17
Brandon Knight -41

Not really surprised by these numbers. Prince and Monroe have had a lot of burn and therefore aren't in the top 9. Daye, Middleton, English and Villanueva haven't had much burn and therefore are in the top 9. However, even with that being said, it is positive that Singler is a positive 6 and we have 5 other players within 20 points of being in the positive. And for your knowledge, the player with the lowest +/- is Stuckey at -93.

Ok, I'm not very familiar with the advanced stats, but they were there and sortable so I figured I'd include some.

True Shooting Percentage

I wasn't sure if people preferred TS% over eFG%, but this was the one I chose to go with.

Player TS%
Austin Daye 100.0%
Kyle Singler 63.8%
Andre Drummond 56.5%
Jason Maxiell 55.8%
Brandon Knight 54.3%
Kim English 53.9%
Corey Maggette 53.3%
Greg Monroe 52.7%
Tayshaun Prince 50.2%

I believe there is a lineup above that is this exact lineup, and I'd have no probelm with it per se. This actually seems like a very reliable stat and though Daye's stat is inflated, he is supposed to be a shooter and we can all hope he has his shot back, even if for trade purposes.

Offensive Rating

So this stat is supposed to be how many points the player contributes to for his team in 100 possessions. I'm not sure how I feel about this stat just yet.

Player ORtg
Austin Daye 191
Kyle Singler 122
Khris Middleton 117
Andre Drummond 111
Jason Maxiell 107
Kim English 104
Greg Monroe 102
Tayshaun Prince 102
Brandon Knight 98

This looks like an alright lineup. No Villanueva, no Stuckey, no Bynum. However, I think I would rather see Maggette in the lineup over Daye.

Defensive Rating

A very important stat if you ask me, but maybe that's because Detroit has always preached defense. Just like ORtg, this is supposed to be how many points the opposing team scores while that player is on the floor over 100 possessions.

Player DRtg
Khris Middleton 98
Andre Drummond 100
Greg Monroe 102
Charlie Villanueva 105
Jonas Jerebko 107
Jason Maxiell 107
Austin Daye 109
Will Bynum 110
Corey Maggette 110

I'm sorry, but it's really hard to stomach seeing Villanueva and Bynum on that list. I'm not surprised Stuckey and Knight aren't on that list, but Villanueva has a better defensive rating than 10 of our guys (Kravtsov isn't included in any stat category). That's a highly scary though.

Win Shares

Eh, I'm not really fond of this stat. But because I've heard people on here talking about it (more about Villanueva previously having a negative one), I thought I'd include i.

Player WS
Greg Monroe 1.1
Kyle Singler 1.0
Andre Drummond 0.8
Jason Maxiell 0.7
Tayshaun Prince 0.5
Brandon Knight 0.2
Jonas Jerebko 0.1
Austin Daye 0.1
Kim English 0.1

These were the only players with WS above 0.0. So.........

Win Shares per 48

Again, another stat I don't really care for.

Player WS/48
Austin Daye .332
Khris Middleton .196
Andre Drummond .157
Kyle Singler .127
Greg Monroe .109
Jason Maxiell .082
Kim English .055
Tayshaun Prince .051
Charlie Villanueva .044

I don't know if this is because we only have 4 wins, but this stat makes our team look pitiful. Ugh.

Player Efficiency Rating

You know, I tried looking up the calculation on how this is done, and I'm not sure if they put too much into it or not enough. It is one crazy formula.

Player PER
Austin Daye 31.8
Andre Drummond 20.6
Greg Monroe 20.3
Khris Middleton 18.9
Charlie Villanueva 15.6
Kyle Singler 14.0
Jason Maxiell 13.6
Tayshaun Prince 13.0
Brandon Knight 12.5

They're fucking with me right? Villanueva has a higher PER than Singler? Really? I don't mind Middleton and Daye being up there, they've barely been used, but Villanueva. Now, I really like this stat even though I question the formula (more out of ignorance of the formula than how it's actually done), so I wouldn't mind seeing this lineup some.


Now, after looking at all of these stats, I think Knight, Singler, Monroe and even Prince are supposed to be our starters. And I think the stats more than confirm that Andre should be the starter as well. Is he ready to be? Eh, not sure yet. Might foul out some, might have some struggling night, etc. With these stats, I'm even comfortable with Maxiell being in the rotation. However, the three other players (for a 9 person rotation) aren't as easy for me to determine.

Villanueva is making a case now, but two games will not erase 3+ years for me. They just won't. Daye's stats are inflated due to limited burn, so I'm wary of that as well. Maggette, he's been up and down this year and he's on the tail end of his career. But, I will say that there are two people I'm willing to bench right now to allow development of younger/tradeable talent: Stuckey and Bynum. Maybe Stuckey needs a month off because he was in the gym too much this off season and he's worn himself thin. I don't know. But he needs to right something. Because of that, the three other people I'd be willing to put in the rotation would be English, Middleton and Jerebko (though he's struggling).

Now, this is without Kravtsov having played. I hope we can find a way to get him some burn sometime soon, but it really seems doubtful until a trade is made, hopefully one for a future pick. But depending on when Kravtsov gets into the lineup and how he performs, that could change the rotation drastically.

So, if you could choose only ONE stat to choose your ration, which one would you choose and why? This is all for fun. If any coach were to really due this, they should never coach any level of basketball ever again. But I like hypotheticals and I like analyzing stats, so have fun with it. :)

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