Jonas Jerebko Time?!

I recently read an article discussing Jonas Jerebko's Performance Efficiency Rating. It indicated that based on the complex formulas used he stands at 20.5, while Kevin Durant's is at 21.0. The same article mentioned other notable players having ratings several points lower.

Other articles I've read indicate that JJ's hustle have been one of the few bright spots of the season. Coach Frank's has praised him and indicated that he has lost the tentativeness that characterized his play last season, after returning from a year-long layoff due to injury.

Although I don't have a lot of information, it also seems that the play of Kyle Singler is proving to be another bright spot for the team. Perhaps he is being asked to do more while the team waits for Corey Maggette to return, but none the less he seems to be regularly contributing as a member of the rotation.

Based on these three factors (PER, hustle anecdotes, and additional depth being available) I'd like to propose that perhaps its time to insert JJ into the starting lineup. Obviously Coach Franks is the man with final say, and I hope that by championing this suggestion it doesn't seem I'm trying to overstep or otherwise usurp his authority. I just tend to believe that by voicing this opinion perhaps more thought might be given to the idea.

JJ's hustle might match up well with the tough hustle that Jason Maxiell is demonstrating, and it may create a more dynamic offense that will match better with Brandon Knight's style of play. I've read on several occasions that Tayshaun Prince seems less energized or active than observers would like to see. Prince might simply be trying to assume a less important role in the offense, because so much has been said about the need of the team to transition to its younger players more. I can appreciate his dilemma; to step up more aggressively and in turn do longer term harm. It might prove beneficial to insert him (Prince) as a backup to allow him to bring as much as possible to his game, without having to consider the potential for criticism if he takes on too important of a role on the starting unit.

JJ I believe has earned this promotion based on hard work and accomplishment. His international experience this past summer should merit greater attention. He was the Mr. Do-Everything Player for his Swedish National Team.I think it made him stretch his capabilities and may provide him with a greater sense of confidence and the mind set of being more of a leader.

What do you think? I'm hoping that despite continuing losses that this team is evolving and will still prove to be able to challenge for a playoff position. Andre Drummond is perhaps the greatest source of hope, but having a young, dynamic, efficient, and leader on the court at the small forward role is definitely an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront of concerns too. The small forward role is typically one of, if not the leading scoring positions. I would hope that JJ could prove himself to be a reliable 18 to 19 point per game contributor if given 26 to 30 minutes a game there.

If JJ came to average 30 minutes at the small forward position, I believe that Kyle Singler would likely play at least half of the remaining minutes, if not all, and this would push Corey Maggette and Tayshaun Prince to contribute more from the shooting guard position. If Rodney Stuckey continues to struggle I would hope that Maggette could assume the starting role, with Prince and Kim English. As the season progresses I'd also expect to see Kris Middleton playing in this position to eventually replace Maggette and, or Prince for the long term.

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