To the Open-Minded Newfy...

"Is there any chance that you could consider putting together a series of team-by-team trade opportunities? Just start with the Hawks (or Bobcats, depending on your alphabetical preference – I’m open minded), and leave it open to this incredibly knowledgeable board to offer up some options, if applicable…I would love to read that series."



I decided to go by divisions; heres a start


HAWKS: the only guy I would really want is josh smith, and I don’t see how the pistons could get him.

I would applaud a weird, orlando-magic type shuffling of bad contracts, with the pistons getting joe johnson’s unconscionable money for some awful mix of gordon / charlie / tayshaun / maxiell (plus daye), but I don’t see the hawks having any incentive to do that one, either.


HEAT: aging role players, eddy curry (touch it dave), and the wildly entertaining but mostly just wild norris cole.

absolutely nothing to consider here.


BOBCATS: I would trade for tyrus thomas. Even if he is a head case who never ends up becoming anything useful (like charlie?), the best-case scenario involves blocks, dunks, and appropriately power forward type shit (not like charlie).

I can’t really figure out what the bobcats would want, mostly because michael jordan is bad at his job and does weird things all the time. I can’t see them wanting stuckey (or knight, or gordon) because they are currently rolling with 2 midget point guards. Tayshaun makes no sense for such a lousy team. Charlie makes no sense for anybody. This is making my head hurt.


WIZARDS: another ridiculously bad team. I would trade daye for chris singleton, if they would let me.


MAGIC: nobody I want. Lots of terrible contracts, ryan anderson having a nice year but not sure how he fits, being basically a better charlie v.

Vernon macklin for deandre liggins, anyone? I liked liggins in college as a possible tony allen defense/glue guy type. Every team needs one of those.


RAPS: bryan colangelo seems to be a moron…so if he wants him some gordon or charlie for barbosa’s expiring, that would be awesome.

Otherwise…calderon is the real point guard we’ve all been waiting for, except he’s 30. a bad trading partner because they are another team in desperate need of frontcourt athleticism.


KNICKS: melo getting traded makes too much sense at this point, given the d’antoni-lin pickandrollgasm that has been unfolding…so it probably won’t happen, at least not immediately.

But gordon and tayshaun for melo? Might make both teams better, except for the whole melo getting shipped out of NYC and pouting for the next 2 years thing.


NETS: kris humphries for stuckey, in a desperation move for the nets once deron williams skips town. I totally want this to happen.


SIXERS: this is a pretty good team, with no real use for anybody the pistons would want to trade.


CELTICS: remember that rumor about the rondo and ray allen (then with a huge expiring contract) for stuckey rip and tayshaun trade that never happened?

Rondo is on the wrong team right now—half court, old guys, etc. sometimes I envision a future…

…a future where he is leading a team with a nasty edge on defense, a team with young mobile bigs who can run for easy buckets and take advantage of his strengths…why not in detroit?

Stuckey + Knight + Daye for Rondo

(I have chosen not to focus on the math…something like throwing in max and bynum for jermaine o’neal’s contract would solve the problem of stuckey being a BYC guy)

…then we win the lottery, and we get to cheer for

Rondo / Gordon / Jonas / Unibrow / Moose

…blocks and dunks whilst I ejaculate all over myself.


hope this is helpful newfy...more to follow as I get round to it.

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