Okay, third time's a charm here: Pistons 88, Bucks 80

The Pistons may not have won a game on their back-to-back-to-back, but they finally got to the Milwaukee Bucks on their third try this short season. Detroit avoided an eighth straight loss with an 88-80 win, largely due to their No. 8 overall pick, Brandon Knight. Crazy eights. Hey! Eight ball, will the Pistons still get a draft pick that only has one eyebrow? Maybe? Gr8, cool.

Knight scored 10 points in the decisive second quarter in which the Pistons outscored the Bucks 25-15, and he finished with a career high 26 points and seven assists (and no turnovers!). Greg Monroe had his 12th double-double of the year with a modest 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Detroit held Milwaukee to 35-percent shooting, which was a nice change of pace after allowing opposing teams to shoot 48, 60, 51, 49, 49, 52, and 53-percent during the seven-game losing streak (per the Kool-Lang man).

Vanilla Ice after the jump:

  • Austin Daye is the worst.
  • Pistons were 12-for-44 on pick-and-rolls, post ups, and spot ups combined. They were 13-for-18 on transition and cuts.
  • Box Score
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