Let's make a trade

With the deadline approaching I figure it is time enough to throw a trade out there for consideration.

Having read a couple recent articles about Kyle Singler and his less than enthusiastic feelings towards coming to Detroit perhaps it is time to utilize his rights to and impressive performances overseas to turn him into a useful asset for the Pistons.

Add to that Austin Daye and his "potential" that hopefully is still considered to be fairly high around the league and I think you have the beginnings of a reasonable offer.

I have been infatuated with the Manimal Kenneth Faired since before the last draft. I wanted the Pistons to trade down to get him until Knight fell to us.

I think he can be some kind of hybrid of Ben Wallace and Dennis Rodman. Yeah ok I may be reaching there but he certainly has something that would suit Detroit.

Obviously he isn't playing much in Denver at this stage and if the Nuggets continue on their path of mass destruction in the Western Conference he isn't going to see much more time.

I know we already have a player of similar stature and skill set in Jason Maxiell but I still think he is more likely to be on the move next season with his expiring contract than be a long term Piston.

Therefore Kenneth Faired would be a wonderful longer term addition to the squad over and above what we are currently getting from Austin and likely to get from Singler.

Also taking into consideration that Denver just lost Gallo they need a SF and Daye could help them in that regard and having Singler potentially available after the Spanish season may be enough to tempt them into making the move.

This would obviously be a complete philosophy change back towards the good old days of Pistons ball which all of us can admit is exactly what is needed.

So all things considered what would you do? Would you give up 2 assets for one? Do you think the Pistons or Nuggets would even be interested?

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