3 wins in a row: Pistons 99, Nets 92

The Pistons won a game on Wednesday night -- their third in a row. That's called a winning streak; it has happened before. Just not this season. If Detroit does the unthinkable and wins a fourth in a row on Friday, it'll equal their win total through the first 24 games. Now, let's jack it up.

I know, I know; the Pistons won a game, but potentially hurt their lottery odds. That said, when the Pistons win, especially in this fashion, I'm never going to be one to complain. I mean, a Jonas Jerebko "foreign facial"? A clutch three from Brandon Knight? A Greg Monroe driving tomahawk slam dunk shot? It was the future doing some exciting things to make sure a one-time 18-point lead didn't slip away, albeit against an equally bad team playing without any energy. The Pistons went around the world twice for its fans tonight, and guess what? They're still the fourth worst team in the NBA with plenty of lotto balls in their back pockets.


Monroe led the way with his 14th double-double of the season (and eighth in the last nine games) -- 20 points on 10-for-16 shooting and 12 rebounds. Jerebko added 16 points and seven rebounds off the bench. Ben Gordon returned to the lineup with 14 points (on 6-for-7 shooting) and five rebounds.

The Pistons won despite Deron Williams' best effort to remain perfect against the Pistons; he dropped 34 points and assisted on seven baskets. Speaking of assists, the Pistons had a season-high 29.

  • Box Score
  • Pistons shot a season-best 53-percent. The Nets started 3-for-16 and wound up shooting only 42-percent, hitting six fewer shots than Detroit despite taking five more.
  • Stuckey was 5-for-9 with six assists (and some real pretty dimes, too). HEY!
  • Knight is the latest Piston to don a mask. He started slow, turning it over 3 times in the first quarter (a full turnover more than his previous 12-game average) and shooting 1-for-3 before half, but finished the game with 13 points on 4-for-10 shooting and four assists.
  • I'm convinced Ben Wallace, who only played a little under 13 minutes, would've fulfilled his PER 36. That would've been about 12 rebounds, six steals, and three blocks.
  • Maxiell had a nice slam and a block that my future babies felt.
  • Strong nine-plus minutes from Walker Russell -- five points and three assists.
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