Off Topic Thread: Awesome Week Edition!


That's a picture of yours truly. Rocking a mohawk.

A week before Thanksgiving, and right around my older brother's birthday, we learned that he had to go through chemotherapy for tumors that had spread as a result of testicular cancer. When he first started treatment, he had a "chemo-hawk" as a symbol of a beginning and an end. It was the beginning of a nearly four month fight with cancer, but also the marking of the last haircut he would have before the chemo ravaged his hair follicles. As he went through the final process of defeating cancer, I thought it would only be appropriate to come full circle and go with the mohawk myself.

Today, I am excited to report that my brother has defeated cancer! Now he and my dad have even more in common than before: they are both cancer survivors. I don't need to look very far to find heroes in my life, that much has been made clear.

On a much lesser note, I am also excited to report that I will be receiving a promotion!

In August of 2010 I was let go from a job that paid well. I refused to lay around and collect unemployment because I don't believe in doing that, so I took jobs doing landscaping, loading trucks, and feeding cardboard through a press in a factory.

My wife quit her job doing nails, which she loved, and decided to create a business with her friend in our home watching infants and toddlers. Today the business is doing very well after a humble beginning one year ago.

I was lucky enough to start working in inside sales for a local transportation company. I've been there for a little over a year and will start to take on more responsibilities, including training new salespeople and championing the social media campaign.

Needless to say, the past year and a half have been pretty tough (and that's not counting my dad's quadruple bypass). This week has been so awesome and I'm so blessed to have this life. The only way this week's events could have happened were through the dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and courage of many people.

I write this not to brag (and I apologize for being a subpar writer), but as a cathartic activity to reflect on everything that has happened.

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