Trade Idea: Bucks, Lakers, Pistons

With all the chatter about John Hammond fielding calls for Bogut, it got me fucking awesome would it be to have Bogut and Monroe starting in our frontcourt? Pretty freaking awesome right? But do we really have much to give them? Not really on our own, but what if you included another team that is looking to add some scoring on the outside without having to give up too much? I would normally just provide the ESPN Trade Machine but unfortunately you can't add TPE's in trade scenarios so here goes:

Milwaukee receives:

Ben Gordon
Jason Maxiell
Vernon Macklin
Detroit's 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2012
Detroit's 1st Round Draft Pick in 2013 (Top 5 Protected), unprotected in 2014

Why Milwaukee does this: Bogut's injuries have prevented him from ever being a consistent contribution to his team. While he's a great Center when he's playing, he simply hasn't played that much with the Bucks trainers looking after him. Ultimately, I don't see him netting out his value in Milwaukee and I think Hammond recognizes that as well. The biggest reason Milwaukee does this is to shed Stephen Jackson whose about as likely to be traded as Rip was last year. One could argue that Hammond and Dumars friendship would lead them towards trying to help each other out, and I think ultimately this would help Hammond get out of a lot of salary commitment while also gaining a player that head coach Scott Skiles has played well with in the past. Maxiell is showing that he can provide meaningful minutes as a F/C and Detroit's 2nd rounder in a deep draft this year will net some good talent prospects. Vernon Macklin won't be playing much in Detroit, but he still offers value in "potential." Lastly, our 1st round pick in 2013 rounds out a pretty robust offering for effectively one player that Milwaukee deems useful.

Detroit receives:

Stephen Jackson (1 year remaining)
Andrew Bogut (2 years remaining)
LA's 1st round draft pick
LA's Odom TPE

Detroit acquires a SG with 4 KOs, and a career in-line with what BG has done thus far. More importantly, Jackson would come off the bench and not be a defensive liability like Ben Gordon. Jackson is an expiring contract next year so we also cut a year off the commitment we're making to BG. Meanwhile, the allure of pairing Bogut and Monroe in the frontcourt is as sexy as a Bynum/Gasol frontcourt. Detroit continues to shed salary by moving Tayshaun and Bynum to LA for the Odom TPE and their 1st rounder. Our hope being that LA's 1st round pick this year will counterbalance the loss of our 2013 pick going to Milwaukee.

LA receives:

Tayshaun Prince
Will Bynum

The idea that LA could add a veteran SF that can actually contribute on offense and isn't a headcase is appealing in and of itself, but their apparent interest in Bynum would just sweeten the deal. Giving up nothing more than this year's 1st rounder (somewhere in the mid 20s most likely) to re-load for the remainder of Kobe's career should be a no-brainer. Whoever they'd draft with that 1st round pick is unlikely to contribute in a significant way over the waning years of Kobe's career whereas Tayshaun could bond with Kobe in the fact that they're both likely to retire at around the same time.


Joe Dumars talks about not making trades just to make trades and that making a move needs to address a current and/or long-term issue with our team. This trade would do exactly that. Bogut would finally get us a defensive presence inside and his health concerns should be less of an issue with Arnie Kander looking after him. The cost of taking on Jackson's contract is worth it as we could easily still amnesty CV at the end of this year and his expiring will be worth the trade next season. Ultimately, Detroit is giving up more than either of the other two teams but doing so to get building blocks for the future and players that will net great results in the short and long-term.

Now your thoughts.

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