Pistons 110, Bobcats 107: It took overtime, but Detroit's better than Charlotte

March 31, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Charlotte Bobcats forward Derrick Brown (4) is defended by Detroit Pistons small forward Damien Wilkins (9) in the second quarter at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Wins are wins and a win against the seven-win Bobcats is still a win that goes against the Pistons' lottery odds. But the Pistons are flat out better than the Bobcats, so it's hard to get too worked up here. (If anything, it's a little disconcerting the Pistons had to comeback and win in overtime at home, but it was the back-end of a back-to-back, so we'll cut them some slack just this once.)

The Pistons trailed by eight, 93-85, with under two minutes before they decided to get serious. Brandon Knight hit a couple three-pointers and then Will Bynum hit a game-tying three with 16 seconds left to set up some free basketball after Gerald Henderson missed his chance to win it.

Henderson was probably hanging his head near his locker with a wet towel over his head after the game, because in overtime he also missed a free throw to tie the game with 20 seconds left and committed a turnover that would ultimately put the Bobcats down four before Reggie Williams hit a three to cut the game back to one. After Prince sank a couple free throws, the Bobcats missed a pair of heaves from three. Celebration temps.

Greg Monroe accumulated his 26th double-double of the season with had 14 points and 10 9 rebounds. Bynum finished with 17 points. Jonas Jerebko had 18. Bynum and Jerebko were a combined 9-for-16 from the field. Tayshaun Prince had a team-high 24 points on 21 shots.

Bullet shells after the jump

  • Jason Maxiell had quite a string of plays early in the game against Biyombo. It included blocks and dunks. I'd link them, but NBA.com is being the worst.
  • Brandon Knight continues to confuse with his inconsistent displays of point guardy-ness. He had six assists -- a third of the team's -- but he had four turnovers and he was 5-for-15 shooting. He's only 20, though.
  • Stay hot, Daye.
  • A box score that actually works
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