Pistons-Pacers Recap: Where no one really gave a crap

Pacers locked up the 3 seed the other day. Pistons locked up the ninth pick the other day. It’s a shame this wasn’t the 66th game of the year rather than the 65th so that this lousy season could come full circle: a crummy loss in Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

This was actually a tight game throughout, although it had about as much tension as some item lacking in tension. Hey, if no one gives a crap, don’t expect me to bring my A-game when it comes to similes. Neither team pulled away until the final minute. Down by one, Greg Monroe earned a trip to the line for two and missed em both. 20 seconds to go, down by 3 Monroe made it to the line again. 1-2, and that’s all she wrote.

It was a weak end to a fairly strong game for Monroe, 18-12 with a block and a steal, showing his typical quick hoofs at times on D. Seems he put in more effort than lately on that end of the floor. However, he was at his best playing the garbage man on the offensive end and struggled when his number was called, turning the ball over 5 times.

Maxiell was his typical self, nonexistent with the exception of a couple of really awesome baby-eating moments. Stuckey’s stat line sucked, but it seemed like the team ran smoothly when he was out there. Brandon Knight played point guard like a fella rolling down a hill trying to catch a root (and good lord, he’s horrible in the pick-and-roll), but he was fantastic on the catch-and-shoot (rhyme’d). Austin Daye was competent with 11 points on 7 shots. But he was horrible defensively as he somehow managed 5 fouls in only 18 minutes of work while allowing Paul George to the quietest 27 points in the history of anything.

And now for the inexplicably bad. Ben Gordon was worthless, 2-8 with 2 turnovers in 28 minutes. Charlie Villanueva may have put up a decent box score line, but he’s terrible. And he did it with a mustard stain on his jersey. Tayshaun Prince played 30 minutes at SF. Jonas played 0. Vernon Macklin was great, 6 points, 6 rebounds, and a blocked shot that sent the fourth row scrambling...but he only played 13 minutes.

  • Brazilian people in Indiana really like Leonardo Barbosa.
  • Brazilian chicks are hot.
  • Doesn’t Bankers Life Fieldhouse seem grammatically incorrect? Surely “Bankers” is possessive or at least plural possessive, isn’t it?
  • I watched this thingie from row 8 and, from what my brother tells me, was on tv a bunch. Probably because of these super-excited Brazilians nearby. So, DID YOU SEE ME ON TV??

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